kalagnanam is the book of prophecies from South India written by many saints. వివరణ సేకరణ: Sri Pavuloori Srinivasachari's book A small part of Kalagnanam is available in Brahmamgari Matham at Kandimallayapalle, Siddhayyagari. Kalagnanam is a Telugu cum Sanskrit language word, which means "Knowledge of Times". A large volume of the predictions made by Veera Brahmendra Swamy are said to be kept under the banyan tree of Banaganapalle village of Kurnool.

Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam Book

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Brahmam gari kalagnanam book in telugu pdf downloadbrahmam gaari matam in Kurnool district is an pilgrimage centre in Andhra Pradesh. I'm writing some of his predictions just to give a slight idea. You can read Kalagnanam to find more. Due to inclination towards excess food and. This book is an english translation of prophecies by the great sage Shri Veera Brahmam Garu born in the mighty Land of Rayala Seema. It contains Quartets, A.

Four thousand nine hundred seventy eight Years on would be known Shining , in bhargas vatsara Veerayogi the moon he would give. In kaliyuga, within five thousand years Kalki rupa would come down Ruling all the worlds,four yugas sadharmas he would implement. Shreeshailanatha appearing With his devotees he would talk Shreesha ,Veeravsantha will come The blue necked one would say.

A crocodile would come to shreeshailam The crocodile would stay for eight days With bravery, a goat in Bhramarambha devis temple Will shout and disappear. Shreenaga mallikarjunas back Will have fumes, fire A sound will be born ,Gurumurtis strange events. Will come to seven villages and dance Mallikarjuna temple shikhara will be sparks Like shower there will be fire Its true, forces like tigers would rise The heart will overflow with grief.

A statue will sit on the Garudadhvaja Will speak different languages In front of the temple of Sri Girija temple , Nandeeshwara will move his tail furiously and fly away.

Kumaraswamys temple doors for seven Days will be closed Amarulu will come and open the doors For seven days they will stay. In Yuva vatsara, Shravana masa disha strange things will be born Along the iron roads,Iron Horses Aerial Canons would start motor vehicles , fighter planes. From Gandi to yurupaka would go Over guduru it would go Many people would go to Chengalkota Stay there and go to the southern side. On sunday, tirunalveli amahalingeshwara to visit in in the evening many would come in the evening around five, a heavy rain would fall from gunnagiri mountain a sudden flow will start.

Kasi gangas would rise ,marati one part Villages wil be washed away In kasi four thousand people in flow Will be caught and destroyed. Due to Allahabad streams flow There ten thousand twenty four homes Will crash ,one lakh seventy thousand people Will fall and have the harm. Kalabhairava ,to the northern people Will crush and put to the ground Due to times harm southern people Due to kalis sents will be harmed. The mandhara dhara sundarangas all pervasiveness On earth who doesnt know Its doubtless that, samagana priya To protect the sages would come.

Kanchi kamakshamma will be in fury Crossing southern region would she be going Betrayed vasudeshus children surrounded, would brutally be demolished. Rudra the fire of time, roudra shree Veera Bhadra will be prayed on earth angered the destroyers,to rudhraboomi will be sent The mudhrabhyasas will be freed.

Guggila rayudu will come,the ladies Hearts all there The onlookers from near Will be burnt to ashes. The winds traveled length, will be a Length of a 8 miles In the world ,Calcutta country Earthquakes will be born. Calcuttas kalipeta, purudahimsagar The north west will be sad Twirling towards south east would it go To humans of kali it would be seen. Shivanagamma will have a younger grandson Will be a do-gooder of seema, on our earth Theres no god , such sayers Will fall as leaves.

Foxes will howl in towns ,during day Dogs face will have a tail The ones cutting noses will be the noble warriors To Mukkapuri they would go. On earth , some drunk Would come to fights Chit chatting about the talks of worlds, would spend time. With skills some would show off Listening to the talks in Brahmin caste The learnt ones would say Jaimini brahmas, would burn ,cut Would dip in very tasty liquids.

The lover of music sanakdi vanda Leaving saketapuri would come Golden embriodery , lots of sarees To devotees he would give. Chandateja ,from bhanumandala Would come seen by the siddhas Along the mountains , the dead would raise Would make drum sounds and proclaim. Very huge wars will be fought The moon faced ones will leave their places,both With free will, they will roam. Having the knowers of brahma Carrying the brahmaastra they would come The brahmas would burn the countries Brahmanacaste will be restored, developed.

On kothapeta , in a town one Monkey would come and talk Climbing on to the hillock of Etthepuram the monkey Seven days would he talk. In Raidurgam, a parrot would come, Talk about the lords coming At payagutta ,shepherds animals ,seven Year old will have child.

The ones with whom these would happen will give valuable ornaments To neerajaksha The ones from chengalkota Will give golden ,valuable ornaments to him. The ones of gayathripuam to kamajanaka Would give many gifts To the mayavirahita, the dwarakapuri livers Will give manikyaharas.

In Alampuri too there will be a disaster born Devi Jogulamba will yawn The fallen behind bhudevi will stand Feminine beauty , milk will rain. Five replacing heads, seven continuous nights Untiring will blow Kanchikonda, Alampur other Seven villages will have extremeties.

In kanchi catastrophes will start The garudadhavja will shake The panchamukha prabhu will leave truth The divine light he will be doing dhyana on. The delhi ones will come southwards The hearts all will be shaken Nellore region will be removed It will be without dust.

In Tirupathi Venkannas temple mlechhas Will greatly sing and dance, The garudadhvaja will go many directions Will dance strangely.

The vaishyas will leave their caste Great cities will be without money, anything Without happiness the the ones of panchanana As ordinary citizens will go around towns. The Hanumantharaya of Kurukonda With anger will grow To the earth four toddy tree leaves large To humans will he be seen. In the same way, chiranjeevi at chelicherla Anjaneya will be seen Swaying in the third eye With strange things will come.

In kasi they will do baths in the ganga The works all will be fruitful The lookers of the nose Will have a darshan of Vyasa. To Gangadharas visit they would come Ganga ,Yamuna will overflow On the banks of Tungabhadra, the trimurtis Will beautifully talk. In Oruganti ,money will taken out To vishwanath there will be prayers In varanasi too ,viswanatha will be prayed. Varijanabha will do In Aagaram , three shankhas money With interest will be taken and give Sagarashayana with Sarisajamukhi With happiness will stay.

With subbaraya the good news will be told the clouds, untrue will be cleared The liars heads will be ripped The dharma followers will be saved. On earth there will be a big rain Sanaka sananda sanatkumars The noblest of all will come behind Wearing silken clothes vaarijanabha Will come , pierce chellamcherla After that , when the people of the village are seeing There he will disappear.

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After the chandrayana comes, Chandragupta hari will come Indra will come to see shree Hari Will praise as he like. Ananda guru will take out money from there Food distribution, charity will be done With happiness at Rachayya All money will be taken out. With respect Adikeshava that money will be removed In Pathalaganga water will be dryed out, On the surface of earth fires will come out. Chandragupta Raja will get deliverance from his bane seeing jayahara, will praise him lots to indra, humans he would give his respects Will have Indireeshas blessings.

To pray to Beri keshava The ones of Bethamcherla will come The path of beris ,love having Veera vasantha will come. Once Bandi Aatmakuru is destroyed On the mountains eastern side, a vine creeper will take birth The ones saying Namaste, with pity and women The mandalapthi will respect.

Near Golconda at Govindapuram In a cows stomach a human will be born The cows together ,to the untouched ones of kaliyuguas burden cattle grazers will bad time. In ganga the properties , In gaya the rites after death Will be done beautifully Shree bharathi devi ,living in Shrungeri Would come along with shri Hari. In the story of Bharatha katha ,Markandeya before Has talked the future All people loving mandalapthi As our good fortunes, would come.

The livers of banks of Godavari, would call Godaan many they would do With respect to the Brahmins Estates, lands money with respects they would give. With sannai, other musical instruments Sarveshvara would come respects would the good ones pay prostrations they would do.

In the ways of the sky demonic sents Shouting would come Miffed the Dravidians in that Lokeshwara will come and be born. Bijanoor region will be will be given to Brahmins Vijayawada to will be given over Bijanoor region will be given to Brahmins Vijayawada will be given with respects.

The general Gutti Keshava The servants would be sent for to call To shri Narasimhas court to come Urgently they would be sent.

In Chagalamarri money would be taken out Race would be pulled out from the roots Sagarashayana seven islands The noble lord would come and rule. At Rachuru kings will be born The self calling kings will fall In begging as profession, the ones of Anigondhe As guest would go.

Horses killed,the karma would be there The guru will have bad ending With floods the kandanooor region Worth insulting will become. In Kandamnooru ,the seven elephants sound Will come, will create havoc Using bridges will come to Atmakuru Kandanooru region will be rebuilt. Nandapuram will, then be constructed In nandapalli, in Basavannas stomach In humans names there will be objects Hearing the news in the first object Falling unconscious people will die.

All Nandela will be in happiness With value will come Kandanoors stream put in floods The lake will come southwards.

In some castes, Pinjari castes There will not much movement of air The tribal lands will be in fights Vinukonda too will be spoiled. Veera Narasimham Veera Vasanthulu With confidence would rule The Without foresight bad ones, will be increased And the will be destroyed.

In Ketallur , a shout ,holler will be born Pathakota will become a city The ones of Atmakur will be into forests The ones of Mothakuru will be finished.

The akshayabahula , pakshivahana Will be given over the power To punish enemy destruction all The general will be informed. In a palanquin of Saphires Padmanabha will come Talking in pearl palanquin Lakshmiji , seated will come. The villages, towns, citys all Due to bad planetary influences will be spoiled Lust, greed will become more For money there will be fights. The waters will dry, worlds will shake People some will be destroyed an undeserving band for money.

Will come to reach Anigondhe At Sarikonada for wealth To Anigondhes mountain they will come Some muslims will be dead The first one, will they break. The ones of Arghat will be destroyed on earth Arani will become to the lowest form The Arava ones all will be in the forests In the same way will be kannadu.

The one with the elephant heads ears Fire,smoke ,fumes will come The Ganuga caste all will not melt away ,but stand Kannadi caste will be at loss. Valis storehouse, order quickly Varijanabha will give Saying the words All, the money will he get removed.

All the munnuru ones will be in pride The moghalai ruling will be bent On the bank of chennur village Will go to Penugonda seema. My statue of light in the mountain Laughing aloud ,will talk The ones blinded with pride to cut away Kaliki avatar will comes.

Kanchis Garuda sthambha will suddenly increase Together in the skys, harm will be born To Kandooru Veeravasantha will come All the ones of Kampeni will fall. To the east of Tirupathi in the dunes waste mud Six fathoms ganga will rise The dharma abiding ones will be seen and sent to save The non abiding ones will be gulped.

Six fathoms - a mans height with raised hand.

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To Rajaveedus east in the dunes of dead bodies There will be villainous wars In Kanchi kamakshamma eyes As kumbhabhisheka will fall. On the banks of Neela Ganga in a minute Will suffer the dead On the banks of paleti , a golden pillar On the orders of god they will erect. Golden flowers in the hair Putting on yellow clothes The winner of mangalagiri, mangalavasa Will appear on the earth.

At his place forthree days would sway Monimadugu will be robbed off At the marble stone women will be caught Paanuganti will be gifted. To inform to all the unknown countryfolk On Shuddha vidiya they will take leave Then the lowly ones,reaching the yamaloka With the killer they will get applauded. In Bhargas year ,Bhadrapadamasa The crores of devotees will send to call To the gods of the regions , protectors they will decorate The evil ones they will throw away Bhargas year???

Bhadrapadamasa - August 25 to September After building Nagamu , Nannali Seganooru will be built and would rule The ones of the citys all will be destroyed. Siddhapuram in future will be famous The Siddhas will group there Siddeshwaras puja they will do there This will be the truth.

To Siddhapatnam ,shri ramadharmaja With armies he would come The siddhanta shiromani Guruswamys Siddhanta will be will be there. Hero to the force, dhavala Shankachakradhara ,earths hunger would stop Mandala vandya ,Mahita prakasha Kundali shayana will come. At Mandalapati the sages all will meet The groom will come there Boulders will float, logs will sink Earths burden will be reduced.

By the Swans form , Hari will roam All doubts will be removed The destroyer of Kamsa leaving Kalis weakness, bad things will he bend. The works will be done in a moment Kaliyugas weakness will be removed The killer of demons and rakshasas ,in amadala The money all will he get removed.

Naganna a five yeard child Will read the four Vedas In the developed Banaganupale With fortune he will be. Calling themselves bahmins Catching the Vedas they would roam Asking to tell the birth time of the Vedas The ones would be put through torture.

In Chitrakatakam strange happenings will be born The ones called as Kshatriyas will be dead The cheaters of friends at time In esrth they will be dead. Bheri komatis will be in victory Elders some will be On earth,some dharmatmas knowing With pity a lot will save. Komati Ranga will be saved, many Asked boons will be granted Kadama komatis will become dust Little too will not be allowed to remain.

Due to Bharathas bane the shudhras The goddess of fortune will not be there All time Hari, Guru remembering ones will remain.

Unknowing Guru and god , like blind dogs they would bark After barking if they do not come to path Lined down ,their heads will be chopped. Catching the charactered ones, the hair tied To tamarind trees they would be hung To say the birth time of character They would be put to thorns.

Saying to yellamma and mallamma Drink and meat placed , they would offer and pray The fake prayers offered to fake gods Without a stand , name they would be.

Valuable diamonds, at yaganti mountain With great skill ,effort The dinakara teja will get removed And give to deva ,Brahmins. At Muttaluru, sitting three Of them will talk well Reaching gutti durgam, do gurupuja on time A crore of money will be given.

The wanted works will happen in a moment The believed Hari, will then come The complete believers Mukunda will give fortune. Then on the forehand everyone will tie Nellore region will be removed The along villages will be without dust At Kavuru the river will grow and become huge For the sahibs there is a big danger.

The doers of hundred mistakes too Asking forgiveness and protection will be protected The pure one Bhanumandalapathi Devotees to save he will be coming. The destroyer of sins, all disease curer Destroyer of worry, the hero Our sins and karmas ,the banes removing Asking sanctuary will remove the worry. The one who comes to Vedanta vedya The Adideva they will serve The maverick of naada bindu arts, Sages he is protecting.

At Rameshwaram there will be war The heads of the states all will fall Kamakshi our mother will open her eyes With mercy devotees will she see. The Kunjars will be without roots The ones of Aadamandalam will be with money The arava land will be in burnt ruins. Once the Dravida country is burnt The money all, will be removed Bhavaja gurmurti many amounts In large cities will they remove.

When Jupiter would enter makara All relegions will be past Declaring ,Penna would be crossed The groom will come soon. Seshadri Narasanna in future quickly will be called for Seshadri Narasayya before he reaches The whole world will be in darkness.

In the wells, howls will be born In citys devi lakshmi will be sad The arrogant ,proud people will be cut The followers of karma truly will be given respects. The strength lost, will be strengthless Week by week strange things will be born Veeravasanthas victory will be there People will spread out well.

On the suns golden disc seeing Vishnu Devotees will be happy On a full moon day, it will become amavasya Flowers will rain. On earth all chaturdasa bhuvanas Bhogendra shayana will rule Carefully Sama, Adhararva Cordially will walk in front. In the way of the Sandhra sindhu veda All people will walk The sun , moon without planetary bad effects With good will then they will be. Panem will be given to over to mushti chennaya In day stars will be seen Vaani Dhavas creation will be wasted Vasudevas creation will grow.

Widows will become girls With pride they will walk in front sunlight and moonlight both as one will walk Pundarikaksha they will praise. Nellore region all will be earth shaken Monthly there will be three rains Malluru river will grow large The ones of Markapuram will sink. Once the three rains fall in month With order humans will walk On earth dharma will grow Indereeshas order will work.

With happiness on earth all Treasures will be removed The bhusuras Brahmins of earth will be called And given large donations. Money will be taken out, dharmas done The dharma raja will rule the earth The money unused for donations, dharma will be taken out Plentifully will be given to devotees.

Ananda guru to have Kanakabhisheka With treasure Ramadharmaja will give With happiness hari Kaliki rama In the way will keep him happy. Bhanumandalapathi ruling the worlds Fortune will, give to the devotees Bheri komatis will be in victory There will be some elders.

Parashu ramas bane will be solved Fortune he will give to the brahmins Wearing gem studded jewelry the Tarunis will enjoy. Within sixty years With respect the four will walk Parameshti veda will have no work Bhanu siddhanta will grow.

Phanibhtla ji will be given Purohit privilege The gifts all will be given Phaniraja praising trishul Damaruka, Catching the god will come. Due to vishvakarmas construction Vijayanagaram will grow The universal grower Veeravasantha Would be in Vijayanagaram. When Jupiter enters Pisces Bhanuteja will be seated in the city Bhanumandalpathi ruling the worlds Fortune to the devotees he will give.

Vengalbhatt of Velpuru With an occasion they will send for Shri velpa praising ,the Koorma simhasana VeeraVasantha will climb. In Pingala year sangajajanaka Mangala snanas would he do Golden glowers praying Ranga Pattabhisheka will happen. The proclaimed king Narayanamurthy Leaving bhanumandala will come Without bad words and fights, in peace the earth he will rule Deva Brahmanas he will protect. On Udayagiri there is sanjeevani With happiness they would bring The elders in Badarikashrama Would come to have a darshan of the god.

Seven hundred crored earth Single handedly he will rule On earth would come Bhanunandi will shine. Shree Devi all the time with Ramadharmaja swami Sevas ,pujas would she do Mother earth always praising Pundarikaksha will be beautiful, bountiful.

Due to Mantra devis happiness On earth strange events will be born Madhyana Kameshwara Madhavagrajas Heart would be in happiness. Nada bindu kalas would be at home Adi deva would be in them Adikeshava to give full support Ananda gurus son would be there.

Nada bindu kala - the art where the tone is kept on a single note. Mukti kanthas people to give a kiss Would stand infront , give way Talking to Muktikantha Mukunda will be infront.

In one hundred divya Tirupathis The velpulas prayers will happen Crore Brahmins will have three time a day, food charities As asked. TiruVengalappa processions will happen The processions beautifully will go on At Yaganti also Prayers to Ishwara Narahari will get done greatly. The general Keshavaswamy to Call servants will be sent To Shreenivasa the ornaments Quickly will be sent for. Pandurangaswamys prakra gopura Will be gold plated Chandan with love to Bhujagendra shayana Bhumiputra would get applied.

Bahnumandalapathi ruling the kingdoms To rule, take care of the devotees would come Bhanu mukkantayya to Jurrukonda mountain Will get gold plated. Mother durga of Virupakshi will talk Veerdharmajas word will stand To Tiruvallavur Veera Raghava swamy Thiru kalyanam they will get done. Veera Narayanapuram beautifully built To Venkatadri they will give With Dharuni devatas grace ruling Dharmaraja will be throned.

Many pains to humans would come in future Hailstorms would fall Near Vadagandla at Alampur kingdoms provincial affairs would happen. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. Jump to Page. The following are the names of Telugu years with their corresponding years as per the Gregorian calender 1. Prabhava 2. Vibhava 3. Shukla 4. Pramoda 5. Prajpati 6.

Durmukhi 19 20 21 22 Plavanga Klaka 3. Saumya Sdhrana 28 Virodhikruthi Paridhvi 7. Shrmukha 8. Bhva 9. Yuva Dhtri Hevilambi Vilambi Vikri Shrvari Plava Bahudhnya Pramdhi Vikrama Vrisha Shubhakruti Chitrabhnu Svabhnu Trana Prthiva Vyaya Sobhakruthi Krodhi Rudhirodgri Raktkshi Krodhana Akshaya 46 47 Vishvvasu Parbhava Derivation about the date using poems and statements.

Sun and the moon will loose positions and the earth will twirl around like an earthern pot in making , great cities will have floods In America because of earthquake the kings palace will be destroyed Washington DC?? A huge number of people will die out. Bilam, Kamakshamma will spit blood , Northernside of Shreeshailam will be destroyed by boulders flying due to the wind and the rain The boulders will fly high.

In bhibatsam will happen and the rich will become poor, thieves will abortion women the present scenario of duplicate doctors, abortioning women for money Shree shailam mountains will spit fire. Brass will be sold as gold Gold mixed with brass is being sold today as gold in many countries Krishna Godavari districts will be in deaths of man and cattle its done. Uppaganuru lake bed will have a catastrophe. In the cities, the goddess of money will cry and there will be no value for money on Amavasya the moon will rise Extremities will happen ,for pious people the sun will be visible as a man.

Suvarnastheyulu 3 comets will be seen on the north, hailstorms will come. On the mountain tops catastrophes will be born Mother Parvathi will smile On Ashwayuja masa Krishnapaksha Panchanga alamanac will not be present seventh month ,28th septenber to 26 october- or In vasudha during Bahudhanyavatsara Many disasters would happen The guilty would have worries The egotists would die. Making the whole world one, The aimer would come. In the ending of the Aananda years or The killers messengers would come Between dung ,dead ones would be on land, Suffer would vomit and die In Seven hundred crored earth The husk will be removed ,the strength remains, Of seven,one village will be alone One Parted ones will be few The widows will become married again Such a time you will see.

Between races there will be many feuds The people will suffer a lot On the banks of Penna , chennur Will bear the floods From east a poisonous gas will blow The extreme behavers will die The cunning, brutes to murder Kaliki avatar would come To rule bharat lands Foreighners would come For six years in one way Mother would rule the earth. Middle eastern , british rule in India In the universe vishwanatha avadhuta agu One Vishwa Brahmin would be born.

At five thousand four years Avaneendra Would set as the sunset From five thousand forty eight There will be many wars from year Heavily in Ananda vatsara Nagu malle a kind of flower will be destroyed Just as the flower, humans Would die , such a time is in the future. A moustache less man would come to the country, To the great ,magical mountains would he put flags mountaineer Edmund Hillary ,Tensing Norgay flagging mount everest To human land Maremma would come , Would gulp humans later.

At Kumbhakonam there will be cow slaughter Kollapuram will be looted Kambham lake will have lotus flowers Kandukooru will spoiled Shankaracharyas, shri Vyasas words will come to walk permanently. In Kandukuru a female would become a man, The ceremonial cock will wake up late Doubtless that the samagana with ears everyone would hear the stayers of rudraseema ,the people would become without beauty and feautures rudra the ocean of mercy, shri veera bhadra will listen to the devotees.

When Jupiter enters the archer Through the archer Shri Hari will be born Lord Shiva would give the Pashupathasthra To our veera yogi Eight blocks and nine edges Having the sudharshana weliding the sword veeravasntha killing the guilty he would come. In the panchana caste will be famous having the eye of mother parvathi eye of knowledge holding the Pashupathasthra You will reach the mountain eye of mother parvathi eye of knowledge In the northern country the people Will hunt with swords These arent just words, rivers and lakes will overflow All the villages will be flooded In bhagavata, sukha yogis words The future prophecies will be true Vinukonda durgamma will leave the place Will move on the streets At Kankagiri there will be fights Kambhoja devi will be born.

Nada bindu kala - the art where the tone is kept on a single note Mukti kanthas people to give a kiss Would stand infront , give way Talking to Muktikantha Mukunda will be infront. Related Interests Religion And Belief.


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Prophecies of Indian Sage - Shri Veera Brahmam Garu

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Brahmam Gari Matham Telugu: Listen online or Read online or Download.. Brahmam gari kalagnanam book in telugu Brahmam gari kalagnanam book in telugu By word of mouth, the nawab of the state came to know about Veera Bhramam garu and called him to his palace to. There is a mattam called as "Brahmam gari mattam" which is situated here in Kandimallayyapalli. He has written a lot of books on palm leaves..

Potuluri Brahmam gari kalagnanam book in telugu pdf downloadbrahmam gaari matam in Kurnool district is an pilgrimage centre in Andhra Pradesh where Swami Brahmamgaru wrote.. Kalagnanam is a Sanskrit language word, which means "Knowledge of Times". The word is exactly the meaning of a ' Prophecy '..

I have translated the Kalagnanam poems from telugu to english, beacause lot of people are interested but cannot read, undersand them in telugu. Telugu Devotional content kalagnanam..

A devastating earth-quake in Suryanandi is indicated. Brahmam gari temple in banagama kalagnanam in telugu pdf. The Kalagnana Govinda Ka,agnanam no.. Browse the site, add some items to your playlist, and open the player to start listening your selected items.

Chemistry for the Biosciences second edition. Petersburg Nights:In the year named 'Pramadicha' , I would become eight years old boy.

Prophecies of Indian Sage - Shri Veera Brahmam Garu

Kottappa mountain will have a crane speaking. This article does not cite any sources.

That 'Shakti' would be named 'Ankamma' and would come back to 'Nandikonda' after demolishing the southern regions. Krodhi , the Nellore region will be submerged. Groups of white crows cry at the borders of villages and towns. Unkown May 14, at 6: Brass will be sold as gold Gold mixed with brass is being sold today as gold in many countries Krishna Godavari districts will be in deaths of man and cattle its done.

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