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Public int setVar int a, float c, int b return a; D. Public int setVar int a, int b, float c return a; E. Protected float setVar int a, int b, float c return c; Answer: Which two demonstrate an "is a" relationship?

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Which statement is true? An anonymous inner class may be declared as final. An anonymous inner class can be declared as private. An anonymous inner class can implement multiple interfaces. An anonymous inner class can access final variables in any enclosing scope. Construction of an instance of a static inner class requires an instance of the enclosing outer class. From within the package bar, an instance of the inner class can be constructed with "new inner ".

Which statement at line 7 constructs an instance of the inner class? Which two statements are reserved words in Java? Run B. Import C. Default D. Implement Answer: Which three are valid declarations of a float? Choose Three A.

Foo has the value of 0. Foo has the value of null. Foo has the value of true. Foo has the value of false. An exception is thrown. The code will not compile. Java Test red green blue What is the result? Baz has the value of 0 B. Baz has the value of 1 C. Baz has the value of 2 D. Which will declare a method that forces a subclass to implement it?

Public double methoda ; B. Public native double methoda ; D. Abstract public void methoda ; E. You want subclasses in any package to have access to members of a superclass. Which is the most restrictive access modifier that will accomplish this objective? Public B. Private C. Protected D.

Transient E. No access modifier is qualified Answer: Which declaration prevents creating a subclass of an outer class? PrintIn sub.

Given the ActionEvent, which method allows you to identify the affected component? Which is a method of the MouseMotionListener interface? Public void mouseMoved MouseEvent B. Public boolean mouseMoved MouseEvent C. Both width and height of the button labeled "Three" might change if the Frame is resized. You are assigned the task of building a panel containing a TextArea at the top, a label directly below it, and a button directly below the label.

If the three components are added directly to the panel. Which layout manager can the panel use to ensure that the TextArea absorbs all of the free vertical space when the panel is resized?

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Which gets the name of the parent directory file "file. Which can be used to encode charS for output? The file "file. The code does not compile. The code runs and no change is made to the file.

The code runs and sets the length of the file to 0. An exception is thrown because the file is not closed. The code runs and deletes the file from the file system. Which constructs a DataOutputStream? New dataOutputStream "out.

New dataOutputStream new file "out. New dataOutputStream new writer "out. New dataOutputStream new FileWriter "out. New dataOutputStream new OutputStream "out. Which method is an appropriate way to determine the cosine of 42 degrees? You need to store elements in a collection that guarantees that no duplicates are stored and all elements can be accessed in natural order.

Which interface provides that capability? Which statement is true for the class java. The elements in the collection are ordered. The collection is guaranteed to be immutable. The elements in the collection are guaranteed to be unique.

The elements in the collection are accessed using a unique key. The elements in the collections are guaranteed to be synchronized. The program runs and prints nothing. The program runs and prints "Finally" C. The code compiles, but an exception is thrown at runtime. The code will not compile because the catch block is missing. Scjp Dumps Uploaded by api Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. An error at line 3 causes compilation to fail. An error at line 4 causes compilation to fail. The program prints "0" B.

The program prints "4" C. The program prints "8" D. The program prints "12" E. The code does not complete. The code compiles and prints "A,B". The code compiles and prints "A,A". The code compiles and prints "B,B".

The code compiles and prints "AB,B".

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The code compiles and prints "AB,AB". Compilation will fail. The program prints "0". The main focus of JavaEra. I csjp been working in Java and JEE technologies. I have been very busy trying to cut trees.


Maerial all those sources I wasgetting the information regarding latest job openings only but not any resources to chase job selectionprocess by improving my skills.

Ithought that like me, there may be millions of my brothers and sisters across the nation facing same kindof problem. His boss gave him an axe and showed him the area where he was supposed to work. Newer Post Older Post Home. Once upon a time a very strong woodcutter asks for a job in a timber merchant, and he got it. Now I am not alone in chasing this challenge. Learn CoreJava and advanced concepts in simple steps.

The thirdday he try even harder, but he only could bring 10 trees. For that reason, the woodcutter was determined to dohis best. Download Spring material from DurgaSoft. Read the Text Version. The main concepts covered in this part II: This is just a start, what we have achieved till now is just 0.

Durga is one of the trainer for OCJP Certification course for the students who are interested to write the exam. Create your own flipbook.Bernadette Aycocho. No access modifier is qualified Answer: You are assigned the task of building a panel containing a TextArea at the top, a label directly below it, and a button directly below the label.

Neale had already shut down Troytec and formed TestKiller?. It has defined testking along with TS: Your products will be available for immediate download after your payment has been received. We have not specified what can List list holds, so it can take any kind of object except primitive.

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