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To ask other readers questions about Last Sacrifice, please sign up. .. I think it's probably Victor Dashkov since he is free now or maybe one of the royals I bet So, this is the final instalment in the Vampire Academy series, and I was a bit. or best-chance - when the sacrifice is the least of the evils in an. against Kasparov, he let Positional Chess The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing. Read Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy #6) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Last Sacrifice is a Young Adult novel by Richelle Mead.

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Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel Summary & Study Guide

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They continue traveling until reaching West Virginia , where Rose discovers she is to be kept in a motel until her friends back at Court can clear her name.

For safety, Sydney takes them to the Keepers, a strange group of Moroi, dhampirs, and humans.

Vladimir's but is now a Strigoi. Not long after they arrive, Guardians raid the Mastrano house, forcing them to scatter and flee again and creating the opportunity for Victor and Robert to kidnap Jill.

Using her spirit abilities, Sonya is able to locate where the brothers are hiding Jill and relays the information onto Rose. This further confuses Rose about Dimitri's true feelings for her.

Back at Court, Lissa, Christian and Adrian try looking for Tatiana's murderer, and discover unsettling information about the Queen, her lover Ambrose and Adrian's own mother, Daniella. While at Court, Lissa is in the running for Queen, despite being ineligible as the result of being without a quorum.

The process involves taking a series of tests to prove she is worthy of the throne, and after she passes, there is a huge debate among the Moroi about whether she can actually be Queen.

Rose battles with Victor, and in a spirit-induced rage, she inadvertently kills him. She becomes distraught as the group heads to a hotel to recover. As far as old Frederick Dragomir was concerned, Eric and Emma should have already been married. How many more girls are you going to go through? Nice enough. What more do you want? Fear that their kind was dwindling away. They were just his parents. They existed. They would always be together.

Last Sacrifice

They would always be around. Emma appeared suddenly, like an apparition, linking her arm with his. That light was literally killing me.

Instead he smiled down at Emma, taking in her long-lashed deep blue eyes and elaborately braided dark brown hair. The eyes and hair contrasted sharply with that pale, porcelain skin all Moroi had. Combined with her heart-shaped face and high cheekbones, Emma Drozdov made lots of guys stop and stare—Eric included.

You were wrong again, Dad, Eric thought. They always had a good time together, and his father had been right about her being nice and smart. Life with her would never be boring, and Eric suspected she was as eager as his father for an engagement ring.

Why are you all serious? What else had his father said last time? What if something happens to you? They were milling and chatting, waiting eagerly to board the yacht that would ferry them to what was supposedly the party of the year. The boat had been tied up against a dock for a while as food and luggage were loaded.

Weary-looking feeders—humans who willingly gave blood to Moroi vampires—were now being marched up the dock and onto the boat. Really, simply using the yacht for transport seemed like a waste. It was newly built and, according to rumor, filled with all sorts of luxury accommodations.

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Even in the fading light, the boat gleamed a brilliant white. Some might consider it small for a yacht, but it could have easily housed his class for a weeklong party. She smirked, fangs just barely showing against her glossy red lips. Now people are going to turn on him. That was the nature of the circle they existed in. Eric almost felt sorry for the guy, who was clearly uncomfortable as the annoyed gazes of his classmates ran over him.

Eric jerked toward the sound, instinctively pulling Emma against him. The beach and dock were in a fairly deserted area—as so many Moroi territories were—accessible only by a narrow dirt road cutting through a jungle that had hardly been touched by human or vampire hands.

And there, just near the tree line, Eric saw a face straight from his nightmares. A person—no, creature—was lunging toward a red-haired girl. It had a sickly, chalky pallor. Eric could scarcely believe it, but he knew: It was one of the Strigoi, undead vampires who killed those they took blood from. They were unnatural creatures who transformed from the living into a twisted, undead state. Sometimes, a Moroi could do this by choice if they drank all the blood of a victim.

Other times, Strigoi were made forcefully when a Strigoi bit a victim and then fed Strigoi blood back. Strigoi were lethal, with no sense of their previous lives. Eric had been taught about Strigoi his entire life, but nothing could have prepared him for the real thing.

More screaming filled the air, and Eric caught sight of yet another Strigoi leaping out of the shadows and moving to the new Moroi graduates. Panic surged through the group, followed by the inevitable chaos that came whenever people were trapped and terrified. Trampling seemed inevitable. Then, almost as quickly as the Strigoi had burst out, new figures suddenly emerged from the crowd. They were dhampirs—guardians, to be specific—the half-human, half-vampire warriors who guarded Moroi.

Shorter and more muscular than the living vampires they protected, the guardians had trained and honed their reflexes to as close to the Strigoi as possible. There were almost a dozen guardians on the beach and just two Strigoi. The guardians wasted no time in taking advantage of their numbers. The scene lasted only a few moments, and yet Eric felt like he was watching it in slow motion.

The guardians—who had been dispersed among the waiting group—split their forces and went after each Strigoi. The one attacking the red-haired girl was ripped away from her and staked before he could do any damage. The other Strigoi never even got a chance to go for a victim before he was taken down. It took a few minutes for the crowd to settle down and see that the danger was gone. A great cheer went up when they realized what had happened, and suddenly it was as though the whole thing had been a nonevent.

Herded along, Eric walked in a daze toward the dock, still trying to process what had happened. Despite the cheers, a number of his classmates wore expressions mirroring how he felt. These were Moroi who had either run into Strigoi before or at least respected the risks. The rest of the group, having spent a good of part of their lives in the safety of their well-guarded school, had never seen a Strigoi.

It was a naive and dangerous mistake. Despite her initial terror, she, too, seemed to be joining those letting down their guard.

The guardians just took them out! What were they thinking? The Strigoi, I mean. They were totally outnumbered. In a lot of situations, six would have been more than enough guardians.Dmitri has to remind her, several pages later, that she had a boyfriend.

And now But also like Twilight the story would always come down to Rose and Dimitri. Vladimir's Academy with her best friend and last surviving Dragomir princess, Lissa.

As a fan, I really can't wait to see where the characters will go from here, how they will grow, what struggles they will have in the uncertain future. Emma appeared suddenly, like an apparition, linking her arm with his.

I'm not exactly annoyed by the fact that Rose and Adrian broke up, because we all knew what was coming, and Adrian did too if he was honest with himself. Hey have you read the Last Sacrifice? Rose and Dimitri!

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