Great information there adelzadh. I stumbled upon supply and demand trading about a year ago. Great stuff. Something that helped me. computer back-testing and software programs that offer traders multitudes of market indicators, Sam Seiden eschews traditional technical analysis in favor of. Below is a link to Sam Seiden's off tha hook explanation of Supply and Demand in financial market. “price based” trading. He says, “price and price” alone.

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Sam began his career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the largest financial exchange in the world where he facilitated institutional order flow. This allowed. Learn why Sam Seiden's supply and demand method is flawed and a few small New eBook: "How To Determine When A Reversal Is Going To Take Place" Sam Seiden's trading tips & method of trading supply and demand is still very. Despite the dominance of computer back-testing and software programs that offer traders multitudes of market indicators, Sam Seiden eschews.

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Lili All Time Return: Edited Aug 28, 5: Membership Revoked Joined Jun Posts. Quoting adelzadeh. I can. I will. End of story. Aug 28, 3: Joined Aug Status: Aug 28, 4: Varahala Babu 4 Posts. In my experience of trading it works the most.

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Aug 28, 8: Joined Jun Status: Member 32 Posts. Aug 28, Joined Apr Status: Member 7 Posts. On the other hand, anticipatory analysis can show you all the likely points for price turn, and with PROPER risk management, you can have an effective way of taking advantage of these opportunities.

No more to say really, everyone can think for himself. Ask Goldman Sachs if they use any supply and demand as their main tool, or if they download when indicators say so! You would need to drill down to a lower timeframe to look closely at what price did at those levels before determining their validity as levels.

There is more than enough there to get you started. Even then, you need to invest a good deal time finding out for yourself how to find the most effective levels and make the system work.


Welcome to the real world. Most of Sam's trades are intraday, but he still looks at daily chart for big picture. Big picture is important to day trader for two reasons: 1.

Where are big picture support and demand levels? We dont want to short right above a demand level.

Supply And Demand

We only know that from the big picture. If we are taking shorter time frame short positions in context of a big down trend, then this gets a 2. If we are shorting during a bigger picture uptrend, and we are close to big picture support, it is a 0 or a 1.

Once prices have left a level, example of picture explanations , sell zone with a lot of candles - we want to enter on the first retracement, it is highest probability entry.

[2006-2012] Sam Seiden eBooks [Price Action, Supply, Demand]

First time entry is a 2. Third time is a 0. This is all just motion into mass.

The mass is the supply and demand, the big stack of orders. Chopping tree example: Every swing removes some of the mass. The more swings, the more chance to go through. At price levels with supply and level out of balance the most, price will spend the least amount of time at the level. The textbooks talk about this in the opposite way. At price levels with the most imbalance, price will spend the least amount of time: few candles. If price is in balance, price will stay there a long time.

We want to trade at the extremes. Question: How many candles in what time frame: Be very careful about coming up with a specific number. Changing time frame will change the number of candles.

At your time frame, compare the number of candles to time spent at other levels, dont get hung up on specific number. Arrival max 1 How did price arrive come back to the level. We want to be anywhere near other levels. We don't want new resistance levels before we download, or new support levels to form right before we sell.

Strong arrival usually means strong departure at the level. Total score: o The worst possible case is an 8 - This can be a confirmation entry.

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The opportunities that we point out that meet entry in first hour of the day, these are usually golden opportunities. Later in the day is often not as great.

Time of day odds enhancer is, in any market, supply and demand is most out 5 of balance at or near the opening of trading in any market. I saw this day after day. Given that, if you are good at picking out levels and turning points, those will be most profitable. If entering in the first hour of the day, the best day traders make their money in the first hour of the day. I don't know anyone who makes money just trading in the afternoon.

If they are trading in the afternoon, they didn't make money in the morning, and it will be tougher. After all the orders get processed, usually supply and demand are back in balance. But if you do, trade because that is the time when most of the transfer between accounts occurs.

Morning is the golden opportunity. Demand: Drop, Base, and Rally How to join the up trend without taking a lot of risk. In an uptrend, download dips.

The institution is accumulating shares for next stage, stage 2 uptrend stage 2 uptrend - prices rise, then trade in a trading range. We want to see supply and demand equation in real time. We can not cut through candles. A lot of people put in support and resistance levels by cutting through candles. Entries - understanding where the turning points are is everything. Limit entry 2.

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Confirmation entry 3. Breakout entry 7 What determines the type of entry we take? Want to be very mechanical. In confirmation entry: Let prices enter the level, then we download as they leave the level.Instead of desiring lots of confirmation of lower prices before selling short, the desire should be the benefits of a low risk entry at supply resistance.

January Lili All Time Return: Big Picture max 2 Looking at daily charts for big picture. Polcz Andrea. Go to Youtube and watch Sam Seiden videos until you get it. Chopping tree example: Every swing removes some of the mass. Kang Dalikin. All Blog Posts Tagged 'Sam Seiden' Providing neutral and unbiased information to enable our users to make better and more confident decisions.

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