All Student'S BookS with • e-Books • interactive Practice (see page 30) . e-Book with e-Book. Real English B1. Student's Book. • 12 units with topics selected. Burlington Books is one of Europe's most respected publishers of English language teaching materials Student's Book Burlington Real English B1 Grammar. Title: In English B1 1 Students Book, Author: guillermo calvache, Length: You will learn how to • talk about what you will normally do in real-life situations.

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REAL ENGLISH B1 // STUDENT'S BOOK. Ποσότητα: + "Burlington Real English" is an exciting new series for students preparing for B2 exams. To βιβλίο αγγλικών Real English B1 Student's Book των εκδόσεων Burlington για αγορά. Burlington Real English B1 Simon Marks-Charlotte Addison Editions of the Student's Book, Workbook, Companion and Test Book with answers overprinted, .

These gentle giants are very sociable and family and friends are very important to them. They up to their elders and when an elephant is injured, its 1 for it. They also show signs family members help to 2 when a member of their family dies. They 4 their calves together. Scientists in Africa Amazingly, elephants also 6 up a baby calf which watched a young adult mother 7 was an orphan because it was a member of her extended family.

They realised that elephants are very sensitive and compassionate and able to identify with others proving that they have a higher intelligence — they are animal geniuses. D Discuss these questions with a partner. Stative Verbs 4 The English drink a lot of tea. C We use the Present Simple for a b c d habits and repeated actions. Understand is a stative verb. Only one of the sentences below is correct.

Which one is it? Circle the correct words to complete the rule. Be careful! We often use adverbs of frequency with the Present Simple. They go after the verb be, but before all other main verbs. The article is about the success of theWilliams sisters over the last ten years. Read the article and complete the diagram on page HittheHeadlines Reading Strategy The lead paragraph of an article is always the first lines of it.

They are Venus and Serena Williams. They have hit the headlines several times and have made history for various reasons.

Second, they became the first black women to accomplish this goal in the history of tennis. Third, they have won more Olympic gold medals than any other female tennis player. But what makes the Williams sisters such outstanding tennis players? It is noticeable that it takes discipline and great physical effort on their part. But mental and emotional aspects also play a key role. They love each other and have strong family bonds. Record the interviews and take pictures, too.

Reading and Writing Playing professional tennis They play with Headline By-line Lead Body 5. Write a short article about the most recent event at your school. Identify the secondary ideas in the article and complete the chart. Not all the spaces must be filled in. Gap Activity Student A goes to page Student B goes to page Listen to the conversations.

Fill in the gaps with the expressions in the Word Bank. Then, check the correct meaning of the expressions Joey: I completely forgot to go to the crime scene! You mean the bank robbery? Yes, it was raining and I had to finish another report. Mike and a photographer. Mike and a photographer protected two cameras. Mike and a photographer did the report.

There was another tsunami close to the coast of Japan. When did it happen? Just half an hour ago! This is! Have you read the international news?

Sara has won the Latin American Music Award! She has! Speaking Strategy Use idiomatic expressions to share your own experiences. Oh my God! Omar wants to cut the newspaper to get the news about Japan. Omar is highlighting that the news is recent o has just happened.

Sara has become famous because of her prize. Sara has cut out music headlines from the newspaper. Work with a partner. Use the previous expressions to share your own experiences. This is our group. Discuss your experience. What role s did you play in the school newspaper production? Describe the activities you completed. How did you feel when performing those roles?

Did you experience any difficulties? Which ones? Had you participated in a newspaper production before? What was the experience like? What did you learn from this experience?

Newspapers can be published every day or every week, thus, they can be daily or weekly newspapers. They can also be local, national, or international. Newspapers are typically printed on cheap, low-quality paper, usually called newsprint.

A newspaper is a publication that contains informative articles, news of current events, advertising, and a variety of entertaining features such as crosswords, editorial cartoons, and comic strips. Newspapers also cover a variety of topics and these are organized in sections. Each section contains articles that are based on facts.

The title of an article, printed in large letters, is called the headline, and the author and publishing date are usually included. The different sections of a newspaper include: Almost all printed versions of newspapers also have online editions. Broadsheet newspapers generally contain more serious news than tabloids, which are smaller and emphasize shocking stories about famous people.

Which categories can newspapers be classified in? What is newsprint? What are the characteristics of a newspaper section? Real Communication 2.

Read and answer the questions.

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Comic TheInterview 1. Listen and read. At home At the ABC News headquarters Jim, take a look at this news. OK, Mom! Sanders why do you want to be a news reporter? Hitting the headlines? Have you read the news lately? I guess I have to learn to hit the headlines and break the news! Time for Action: Quiz Time 2. Complete the dialog with the verbs in parentheses.

Use the Simple Present and the Present Perfect tenses. Read the news story.


Then, choose the correct option. Listen to the conversations between the editor Tom and the newspaper staff. Complete the chart. Self-Evaluation Now I can What do they have to do? Job done? Claire all the pictures.

Bill all the interviews. Sara the complete article. Susan the pictures that support the article. Carol the advertisement. Frank the color pages. World Championship Final Yesterday was the big day. The two soccer teams were ready to play the World Championship final at Sun Stadium at 7: By the time the players were ready to start the match, the crowds had waited in line for hours.

Many people attended the game. When the news reporters arrived to cover the event, the fans and hooligans had already taken pictures of the football field and of the arrival of some players. The game was amazing.

The players did their best in spite of the terrible weather conditions: Look at the social section of the news! They always b. I know, and Mrs. Smith never c. This d. I know! No, I f. What has happened? They g. Glossary A — E astonishing: This is astonishing news! Happy families have strong bonds. It is usually printed on large sheets of paper. Akerman is a famous newspaper columnist. Hit the headlines: Cover the story: Shakira made her debut when she was a little girl.

E — H editor: A pipe burst and the water flooded the first floor of the house. CNN has its headquarters in Atlanta. Brazil is the host for the Olympic Games. I — R layout: The beginning of the news story. It tells the essentials of any story: I sent a thank you note to Fanny for dinner last week. VP5 U2. Classify the actions in the Word Bank into healthy or unhealthy habits. HealthyHabits 2. Read and listen to the conversation.

Then, check the correct options in the box below. Key Expressions Gee!: She just took a minutes nap this afternoon. She might never have eaten fatty food, I guess. She prefers to drink water and fruit-flavored yogurt or juice.

I guess she might never have smoked. She is always in a good mood. Vocabulary Strategy Classify vocabulary into categories to remember it better. Hi, Alan. Thanks for the invitation. Is she really going to be years old? Yes, and look at her! She has lots of energy. She must have slept all day long!

It could have been because she took a 30 minutes nap this afternoon. But she sleeps very well at night. And, she is thin and fit. She must have eaten low-fat foods all of her life! Her diet has always included steamed fish, grilled meat, and olive oil. She has had a very healthy diet.

She prefers lots of veggies and fruit. What about drinks? Does she drink sodas and coffee? Not really. She prefers to drink water and fruit-flavored yogurt or fresh juice. I guess she might never have smoked, right?

She hates smoking and she has never been drunk. Besides, she loves exercising. She walks the dog every day! And she looks quite relaxed! Has she ever felt stressed? Well, as you can see, she is always in a good mood and nothing makes her feel angry. Now I see Having such a healthy lifestyle must have prevented her from getting lots of diseases.

Think of an unhealthy habit that is present in your community today. She very badly last night. I left it here! He loves veggies! Read the following situations and make guesses to complete the sentences.

Use the Word Bank. Think of a healthy old person from your family or community. Check the boxes. Pronunciation In speech, past modals are contracted. Listen and repeat. Listen to four sentences and check the past modal you hear. Eating fruits and veggies Doing exercise Being in a good mood Sleeping well Eating low-fat foods Staying away from cigarettes and alcohol Being active Mr. Garcia must have stayed away from cigarettes and alcohol all of his life! Listen to a short presentation and complete the diagram with the words in the Word Bank.

Talk to the people who live in the city. Close the timber company.

Teach the community how to recycle. Go to schools and show kids how to keep the water clean. Take the garbage and the scrap iron to another city. Listen to the rest of the conversation and check the options you hear.

How was your trip around the outskirts of the city? It was very alarming. We found many environmental problems. We visited the place where people dispose of their garbage. We found out that ten years ago, it was a nice forest. But there is a timber company that bought the forest and has cut down all the trees! There are no plants anymore! Now, it is a dump that contains waste of all kinds, even chemicals, fuels, and scrap iron.

The waste is all mixed in there. It is a dump that has no control from the local authorities and it has contaminated the soil, the water, and the air. What a shame! What can we do to help? Listening Strategy Read the options carefully before you listen to the audio to focus your comprehension. Write short descriptions speculating about the origins of this environmental problem. Make one sentence from two. The Earth is a huge storehouse. There are non-renewable resources such as fuels and minerals.

They cannot be replaced after removed from the Earth. Pete is a geologist. The ocean is a rich natural resource. There are tons of minerals and plant life in the ocean. Those men are miners. They put their lives at risk working under the ground. Turn off the faucet after you wet your toothbrush. There are modern washing machines allow you to avoid the pre-wash cycle. They can last for longer than one thousand years, causing damage to the air, water and soil.

It is important to avoid the contamination of the soil. This helps to conserve our natural resources. People care about the environment do not use plastic bags. Unscramble the headings and complete the statements using relative pronouns. Then, match the columns to discover ways to protect our natural resources.

Reflect on Grammar Relative Clauses Use relative clauses to identify or give information about nouns. The people live in the city. We visited a place. People dispose of their garbage in that place. It is a dump. It has no control from the local authorities. It is a dump that has no control from the local authorities. As you read, underline the healthy habits you find.

Answer the questions. Then, survey ten partners and share your results. How useful is it for the environment… Good Neutral Not Good a. Today, people live in a globalized consumer society. This is a world where we download, use, and consume a huge variety of products. It must have been very difficult to live 30 years ago without fast food or electronic devices that make our lives more comfortable and easier.

However, the result ofallthisisanenormousdamagetoourhealthand to the environment. This essay will discuss ways in which individuals can take care of their own health while protecting natural resources. First of all, people who grow their own vegetables in their garden or in window boxes, protect the soil from pesticides. They can enjoy tasty and fresh vegetablesthatarefreefromdamagingchemicals.

Secondly, eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis is healthier than eating fatty foods. Besides, cooking veggies saves a lot more energy because it uses less gas than cooking fats. People who cut up their veggies into small pieces can reduce the cooking time and save cooking water, too. The third point is related to physical activity.

For short journeys, people who walk, use a bike, or even encourage their kids to use a skateboard or rollerblades, can improve their health while they protect the environment from the pollution caused by the toxic fumes from cars.

In summary, there are healthy habits that people can include in their daily lifestyles. Even if people might have not thought about these possibilities, I think there are many actions we can take to make a difference and to protect our health and that of our planet Earth.

Read the essay below and find the words in bold face which have these meanings. Number of people per answer. Health and Environment window boxes 26 VP5 U2. Identify the organization of the essay and complete the chart.

Writing Strategy Use sequence connectors such as first of all, second of all, in summary, to organize the ideas of a text. Writing Strategy Thesis statement: Supporting ideas: Use arguments and examples to strengthen your thesis statement.

Concluding sentence: Tell briefly what you talked about. Reword your thesis statement. Introduction 5. Identify the sequence connectors used to maintain the connection between the main ideas. Choose one topic a or b and write a short essay. Reading Strategy Thesis Statement: A sentence that says what the author wants his readers to know, believe, and understand about a subject.

Keeping fit and healthy b. Protecting the environment Thesis statement Concluding sentence Argument 1: Argument 2: Match the expressions with their corresponding meaning. Fit as a fiddle 1. In bad shape 2. Be in murky waters 3. Move heaven and earth 4. Well, I think your community have to stay together and move heaven and earth to solve this problem! My neighbors and I are worried about garbage and contamination in our parks and rivers.

Nice to see you again! Look at you! You are as a. You must have had a very healthy life! Well, I love exercising and I love fat-free food. I do take care of my body and health. I often have to eat in a rush, you know, at fast food restaurants or even when driving my car! This is the timber company that bought the pine forest.

Do they have permission to cut down the trees? I think they are c. We need to find out! Think of situations related to health and the environment and discuss with a partner. Use the expressions above.

Read and answer the questions below.

Real Communication 1. How did you make your PowerPoint presentation? Use theWord Bank to list the steps you followed. Had you ever thought about problematic situations that affect the health of your community and city? How did you identify them? What are the two aspects involved in having a long and happy life? How is personality connected to life expectancy? Why is it important to choose your friends wisely?

What are the key environmental problems that affect life expectancy? Most people are interested in having a long and happy life. The way we live every day, together with how we manage our natural resources, can play a key role in enjoying a long and happy life. Having healthy habits goes beyond nutrition. It is true that eating fats and junk food does not do any good to our health, but what else can make a difference?

Studies have shown that our personality is also a key factor: But, be wise when choosing your friends because habits, both healthy and unhealthy, are socially contagious. Community problems related to these social habits include obesity, smoking, drinking, and even stress. So, look for buddies who like exercising, sleeping well, and being in a good mood. Taking care of the environment and protecting the natural resources can also make a big difference.

People live longer in places where there is less air pollution, less contamination in rivers and oceans, and less chemicals in the soil.

So, look for places where the air, water, and soil are clean. Game Play by pairs. Toss a coin: Follow the arrows and answer the questions.

Score two 2 points for each correct answer. If you answer incorrectly, move back to the box you were before. The winner is the first person to reach the finish box. Name two healthy habits.

Name an unhealthy habit a relative of yours has How often do you eat fruits and veggies? Name a healthy habit a relative of yours has. How often do you drink water? Do you exercise? What might have happened? Say two options Have you ever felt stressed? Do you have healthy eating habits? Do you have unhealthy eating habits? Velez is overweight. What must have he done? Say two options Miss. What may have happened? Say two options Name the two types of natural resources. What type of natural resources are oil, coal, and copper?

What type of natural resources are the air, water, and trees? Do you protect our natural resources? Quiz Time 1. Listen to each conversation and check the correct option. This is a picture of Mr. Graham, a healthy 85 year-old man. Look at his habits checklist and write sentences to speculate about his life in the past. Being active He must have been really active all his life. Drinking alcohol c. Eating low-fat foods d.

Being in a good mood e. Smoking f.

Sleeping well Conversation 1 a. What keeps these women active and fit? Who has missed the dance class lately? What could have happened to her? Conversation 2 a. Who are the people talking in this conversation? What are they talking about? Which renewable resources do they mention? Complete the definitions by writing the correct relative pronoun.

Then, match them with the corresponding picture. Geologists are people extract minerals and fuels from the soil. Oil and coal are non-renewable resources cannot be replaced after they are used. The Earth is the place there are renewable and non- renewable natural resources. Water is a renewable resource we use for drinking, cooking, and washing.

L-Q layout: Water is a natural re- source. We can recycle scrap metal. In the past many trains ran on coal. The dump was re- ally dirty and smelly. The gates are made of iron. Tim eats too much junk food. Colloquial Expressions Be as fit as a fiddle: Be in bad shape: Be in murky waters: Move heaven and earth: T-Z template: My veggie garden is small.

Listening You will hear a radio interview. For questions , check the correct answer in the answer box. You will listen to the recording twice.

A renewable resource is one which A. Some examples of non-renewable resources include A. The major problem with the way our society uses non-renewable resources is that A. If we continue to use non-renewable resources so quickly, we run the risk of A. Stage 2 Tell candidate B about your lifestyle over the past year. Even though trees are technically considered renewable resources, A. According to Dr. Rice, people can help protect our natural resources by A.

A come B came C has come D had come 6. A has demolished B have demolished C had demolished D demolish 7. A forced B had forced C has forced D have forced 8. A what B who C where D that A spends B have spent C spent D spend A had failed B have failed C fail D fails A has had B have had C has D had A announces B announced C have announced D had announced A commit B has committed C have committed D had committed Select the correct option for each space.

Mark the best answer A, B, C or D in the answer box. However, with success often comes controversy. Local councils 6 many low-income settlements, known as favelas, and replaced them with luxury 5 star hotels and new roads aimed at reducing traffic congestion.

As with most big international events, security 8 a major issue leading up to the Olympics. The original budget had to be increased after the private security company, G4S, admitted that it 11 to recruit enough security staff, therefore the British military 12 to take over.

Another major challenge for Brazil is the transportation service. Such advances are always met with problems, but the real test is how Brazil steps up to the challenge. Writing Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died in at age , had the longest documented human lifespan. Speculate about her lifestyle and what she must have , might have or may have done in order to have lived for such a long time.

Write between 30 and 45 words. Speaking Candidate B Stage 1 You are going to tell candidate A about your lifestyle over the past year. VP5 U3. Look at the pictures. What do you know about this artist? Listen to the conversation and check the correct options. Read and discover the character and personality traits for each sign. Then, listen to the second part of the radio show and confirm.

She is from. Spain Mexico Miami b. She has a personality. She has been a successful. Listen again and circle the best option to complete the statements. She draws her talent to make all her projects a success. Her various businesses have brought thousands of dollars. She even turned a proposal to play the lead role in a film. Vocabulary Strategy Pay attention to the prefixes added at the beginning of a word. Grammar and Vocabulary Pronunciation In phrasal verbs, the particle is emphasized.

Listen and complete. Then practice. Actors often their own life experiences. I well with my school friends. The police will the bank robbery. Mom has a job offer abroad. Which dessert does Sam want, the bitter or the sweet one? Better ask him. You never know which option Sam will. Who can the baby while we go out? She is a great nanny and I trust her.

IsTom in Hollywood now? He loves that movie project. Who solved the last crime case? Was it CatherineWillows? Yes, she examined the evidence until she who committed the crime. What has made John so anxious? Well, his girlfriend her feelings towards him.

Mary is. Tom is. John is. Cath is. Match the phrasal verbs with their meanings. Form the opposite of the following words by using the appropriate prefix: Im-, In-, Ir-, and Un-. Reflect on Grammar PhrasalVerbs Phrasal verbs are verb-particle combinations. The particle gives a special meaning to the verb. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the phrasal verbs from exercise 5. Think of your own character and personality. Has it changed over the years?

Discuss with a partner. In the past, I was very shy. Now, I get on with people very well. In impatient 37 VP5 U3. Reflect on Grammar Gerunds and Infinitives Some words, verbs and prepositions are followed by a specific form of another verb. Read, complete, and check: The verb consider is followed by: Gerund -ing b.

Infinitive to… The verb prefer is followed by: Prepositions are followed by: Infinitive with to b. Take the test and then complete the grammar chart below. When you have bad grades at school, you consider… 1. When you get shocking news, it makes you… 1. When you have a problem, you prefer… 1. When your friends have a problem, you let them… 1. Then, you give them some advice.

When your best friend is embarrassed, you… 1. Scoring System: Answers No. Your score: You never express your feelings; you hold them back and try to forget them. You react in a measured way and you can express your emotions calmly and easily. You tend to overreact and lose your temper. Sometimes you want to find a person to blame.

English EMPOWER B1: Student’s Book, Workbook with Answers, Pre-intermediate Teacher’s Book

Vocabulary Strategy Use grammar books, dictionaries, or the Internet as sources of reference. Grammar and Vocabulary 2. Classify the verbs in the Word Bank into the appropriate categories. She has never avoided a. She also claims that her many stores, perfumes, and product lines have helped her d. She has plans to keep e. Read the news posted in this personal blog. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses.

How do people react? She may need help with her math.

Real English B1 Student's Book

Kuljangilovy Milano, Italy 10 hours ago Wow!! A beach club chain in the USA! Can she open one here in Italy? What a nightmare! Place of birth: Date of Birth: Zodiac sign: Famous for: How much do you know about this celebrity? Have a quick look at the text below and find examples of words made with the suffixes: His mother was a school administrator and his father was the owner of a refrigeration company.

His parents separated when he was thirteen. However, he has generally always been a fun, sociable person. That is why his school teachers and school friends gave him the nickname, The Fresh Prince. In , they won the first rap category Grammy award, which they were really excited about! Will was a very good student with excellent grades, but after high school he decided to go for an artistic career and turn down a scholarship to study engineering.

As ambitious and competitive as he is,Will Smith has drawn on his talent, and energetic and charming personality to build a successful acting career which has brought in millions of dollars. He has starred in various blockbuster films. His movies have earned him a great reputation as a film star. Smith has a very happy family life. He is a loving parent and husband who looks after his family, and he even finds the time to take his mother on vacation every year.

People have heard him say he loves playing chess and video games with his wife and children. Vocabulary Strategy Transform base words into nouns about people by adding any of these suffixes: His achievements include awards and nominations for being an outstanding actor, producer, and rapper. He felt gloomy and depressed in those days.Record the interviews and take pictures, too. What type of natural resources are oil, coal, and copper? Going back in time lets us see how people used to communicate in contrast to nowadays.

A come B came C has come D had come 6. Be in murky waters 3. The book collection process f. HittheHeadlines Reading Strategy The lead paragraph of an article is always the first lines of it. Third, they are classified by their content.

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