We edited this Rolling Bearing Catalog to reflect the growing number of NSK products, new developments, and technical progress. In it, you will find a wide. Latin America · Mexico · U.S.A.. Main visual. Home · Products; Ball Bearings Catalog & CAD Drawings · NSK Network · Global Distributor Search. Share. When exporting the products in this brochure, the laws of the P.T. NSK Bearings Manufacturing Indonesia NSK Bearings Middle East Trading Co., Ltd.

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However, please don't hesitate to contact us should you require any assistance. Introduction to the Revised NSK Rolling Bearings Catalog. (tisidelaso.gqE). NSK Rolling Bearing tisidelaso.gq - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. Fit new NSK bearing. Obtain. NSK alternative from Distributor. Determine basic type of bearing ie: ball, roller Use photo and engineering drawings in catalogue .

HFLDrawn cup roller clutch with bearing assemblies with steel springs, plain or rolling bearings 6. Use this feature to sort your search results and quickly find the product s you are looking for.

They contribute to a smooth and powerful driving experience. Koyo Bearings Europe. It is bearing supported, delivered grease lubricated and protected against dust of more than 0,3 mm. PP features a keyway on both the inner and outer race. A world leader in bearing sealing technology, NSK has developed a vast range of bearing closures, including metallic shields and polymeric seals.

A one way clutch requires three to six numbers of rollers. The CSK model freewheel is a sprag type clutch integrated into a series ball bearing except sizes 8 and A typical application is a two-speed drive, where an electric motor and a geared motor are connected to a single driven shaft through one-way clutches. It gives a high degree of freewheeling accuracy while utilizing a minimum of space. Source from Jinan Saifan Bearing Co. download one way clutch bearing through verified companies with product rating.

If you need one way bearing catalog,spray type freewheel clutch,please contact us. Conventional sprag-type and roller-type one-way clutches require lubrication, and since they transmit power by friction, reducing their size and drag torque was an issue. Backstop clutches incorporate a standard FND complete unit clutch that allows rotation of a mechanism, in one direction only, while the connected momentum lever stops motion past the ground location.

Functions and Structure of One-way Clutches Fig. By expanding on the knowledge gained from the prototype demonstration, NSK will now seek to commercialise specific components, including the wheel hub unit bearing with integrated speed reducer, and a one-way clutch unit. Use in Various Applications Overrunning In this type of application, the different conditions of engagement and disengagement are repeated arbitrarily, when the Cam Clutch inner and outer races engage each other to transmit torque, and when the Cam Clutch continues overrunning through the difference in rotating speed and direction between the inner and outer races.

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Design changes are forthcoming and these ratings may not reflect the latest design. Shenzhen Qinggong Bearing Co. One Product; Application. Best Price. Wuxi Runder Bearing Co. The respective features are detailed below. We at vardhman bearings are manufacturer and exporters of one way clutch bearings one way bearings one side bearings we also stock importers one way clutch bearings in many different brands stieber csk ina iko ntn nsk koyo skf boca bearings tcs csk With the development of the fully integrated One Way Clutch Unit, helps two wheeler manufacturers to reduce assembly time and cost in their processes.

They are bearing supported, delivered grease lubricated and protected against dust of more than 0,3 mm. One Way Bearings Online shopping by VXB bearings the online bearing store and supplier, wholesale prices and same day shipping, next day air shipping available. With this online tool you can obtain more information on Koyo bearings, types and sizes. You can also view our market and category specific catalogs below. These rollers need to withstand high contact pressure. The machine can be driven by either the electric motor or geared motor.

In order to protect the starter motor a one way clutch is mounted to safeguard. Quote and order online today! NSK unidirectional bearing CSK20PP csk one way bearing unidirectional bearing also can be called one way direction bearing, one way direction bearing, one way direction bearings, One-Way Roller Clutch Bearing, One-way Needle Clutch Bearing, clutch, one-way bearings, single-direction bearings, special-bearings.

This trend created the need for a one-way clutch that could be used in a lubricant-free environment and could reduce drag torque during idle running. We will provide the fast delivery and the best price. The best CSK8P bearing or your full money back! Tapered Bearings of this type use conical rollers guided by a back-face rib on the cone.

Spherical roller bearings can take. Some bearings have tapered bores and may be mounted directly on tapered shafts or cylindrical shafts using adapters or withdrawal sleeves. Pressed steel cages are generally used. Pressed steel and machined brass cages are used. The ring attached to the shaft is called the shaft washer or inner ring while that attached to the housing is called the housing washer or outer ring.

Since the raceway in the housing washer in spherical. There are also cage and roller assemblies without rings. Spherical These bearings have barrel-shaped rollers between the inner ring. Pressed steel cages or machined brass cages are usually used. A 12 Single-Direction Thrust Ball Bearings Single-direction thrust ball bearings are composed of washer-like bearing rings with raceway grooves. They have a very high axial load capacity and are capable of taking moderate radial loads when an axial load is applied.

Most bearings have pressed steel cages. In double-direction thrust ball bearings. Since they are separable.

Two bearings are usually mounted in opposition. KV types are also available but use on free-end is impossible. Clearance adjustment is necessary. Page No. When doing this. A38 A18 A18 A A32 -A32 A33 Determination of bearing size Fig. There is no fixed procedure for selecting bearings. A25 A Then the size of the bearing is chosen to satisfy the desired life requirement.

A37 A18 A83 A A83 Determination of fitting Page number Examination of internal clearance Determination of internal clearance Operating conditions and required performance A Environmental conditions A Dimensions of shaft and housing Operating conditions A Magnitude and characteristics of loads A Temperature range A Materials.

When selecting bearings for new machines. A A It is good to investigate experience with similar applications and studies relevant to any special requirements for your specific application. The following diagram Fig. The permissible misalignment varies depending on the bearing type and operating conditions.

When extra high rigidity is required. When a large misalignment is expected. The running accuracy of rolling bearings is specified in various ways. In most cases.

Deep groove ball bearings are recommended for applications in which low noise and torque are required.

For rolling bearings. Permissible bearing misalignment is given at the beginning of the dimensional tables for each bearing type. For the main spindles of machine tools. The rigidity of the bearing is determined by the ratio of bearing load to the amount of elastic deformation of the inner and outer rings and rolling elements. Angular contract ball bearings and tapered roller bearings are often preloaded.

For machines in which bearings are mounted and dismounted rather often for periodic inspection. A comparison of the inner ring radial runout for the highest running accuracy specified for each bearing type is shown in Fig.

The maximum speed of rolling bearings varies depending. For applications requiring high running accuracy. Assuming the common oil bath lubrication method. This figure makes it clear that when bearings of the same dimension series are compared.

For high precision miniature ball bearings. For deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings particularly. This is helpful when interference is necessary for both the inner and outer rings. Table rollers for steel mills. When considering the bearing mounting arrangement.

Bearings other than the fixed-end one must be "freeend" bearings that carry only radial loads to relieve the shaft's thermal elongation and contraction. Heavy axial loads cannot be applied. When these types are used. N types. Traction motors for rolling stock fThis is used when loads are relatively heavy. Moderate axial loads can also be applied.

Table 4. No distinction between fixed-end and free-end Fig. The axial clearance possible axial movement after the mounting is adjusted using nuts or shims. For free-end bearings. For this fixed-end bearing. When non-separable types are used as free-end bearings. When the distance between the bearings is short and the influence of the shaft elongation and contraction is negligible.

Medium size electric motors. Calender rolls of paper making machines. Worm gear reducers Remarks Application Examples fThis arrangement is widely used since it can withstand heavy loads and shock loads. Vertical openers spinning and weaving machines Continued on next page A 22 A Speed reducers. Vertical electric motors fThe spherical center of the self-aligning seat must coincide with that of the self-aligning ball bearing.

Final reduction gears of construction machines fSometimes a spring is used at the side of the outer ring of one bearing. When there is no distinction between fixed-end and free-end Double suction volute pumps. Small electric motors.

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Pinion shafts of automotive differential gears. Grinding wheel shafts Face-to-face mounting Back-to-back mounting Vertical arrangements Remarks Application Examples fThis can withstand heavy loads and shock loads.

The strength. Since noise life and abrasion life are judged according to individual standards for different applications. C is written C r For thrust bearings.. Page A can be estimated. Basic rating life rev P: Bearing load equivalent load N. Conditions such as these should not be interpreted as normal bearing failure since they often occur as a result of errors in bearing selection. C is written C a In the case of bearings that run at a constant speed.

As shown in Fig. This bearing life may be defined as noise life. Refer to Page A30 C: Basic load rating N..

Also refer to Table 5. These functions must be performed for a prolonged period. Because of metal fatigue of the rolling contact surfaces of the raceways and rolling elements. Rating Life The various functions required of rolling bearings vary according to the bearing application.

Average Life 5. Even if bearings are properly mounted and correctly operated. The total number of revolutions at this point is defined as the basic rating life or. Bearing life.. This is called fatigue life.

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Rolling fatigue life is represented by the total number of revolutions at which time the bearing surface will start flaking due to stress. The basic load rating of radial bearings is defined as a central radial load of constant direction and magnitude. This phenomenon is called "flaking".

After a certain period of time. In determining bearing life.. Failure Probability 5. The load ratings are listed under C r for radial bearings and C a for thrust bearings in the dimension tables.. This is because the flaking of materials due to fatigue is subject to many other variables.

Table 5. For example.. By designating the basic rating life as L h h. Aside from the failure of bearings to function due to natural deterioration.. Suppose a number of bearings of the same type are operated individually under the same conditions.

Bearings are used in a wide range of applications and the design life varies with specific applications and operating conditions. When Pr exceeds C 0 r Basic static load rating or 0. If there is no misalignment between the inner and outer rings and the thickness of the lubricating film in the contact zones of the bearing is sufficient.

Adjusted rating life in which reliability. The basic load ratings C r and C a listed in the bearing tables were calculated considering the extended life achieved by improvements in materials and manufacturing techniques. The basic rating life equations 5.

The life adjustment factor for special bearing properties. To reflect such improvements in the calculation of fatigue life. Depending on the machines in which the bearings are used. Basic load rating after temperature correction N. The basic load rating of bearings given such special dimensional stability heat treatment may become lower than the basic load rating listed in the bearing tables.

Basic load rating before temperature adjustment N. It is difficult to determine the proper value for a 3 for specific operating conditions because there are still many unknowns. Life adjustment factor for reliability a 2: Life adjustment factor for special bearing properties a 3: Life adjustment factor for operating conditions The life adjustment factor for reliability.

Temperature factor See Table 5. NSK now uses vacuum degassed bearing steel. If there is no misalignment and a lubricant with high viscosity is used so sufficient fluid-film thickness is secured.

When selecting a bearing based on the basic load rating. Since the special bearing property factor a 2 is also influenced by the operating conditions. Power transmitted kW n: Speed min—1 r: Radial force on gear N Average fluctuating load N.. Effective force transmitted by belt or chain N.. Operating time tn Then. Theoretically calculated load N Tangential force on gear N The values of f g should generally be those in Table Paper making machines Radial load applied on bearing1 N Torque applied to gear N..

Operating time t2 … Normal operation Toothed belts c where … 1. These loads can be theoretically calculated When vibration from other sources accompanies gear operation Load factor The values given in Table Power transmitted kW Table 5. Radial load applied on bearing2 N. Load Fn: Speed nn Pressure angle b FC1 In addition to the theoretical load calculated above. Vibrating screens Shaft load N Combined force imposed on gear N Operating time t1 Load F2: Speed n Table Rolling mills In the simplest case of spur gears.

The actual load may be calculated using the following equation: Loads applied on bearing N The values of the belt factor f b for different types of belts are shown in Table Machine tools..

The radial loads on bearings1and 2 can be calculated using the following equations: Radial load N In the case of Fig When radial loads are applied to these types of bearings In addition Stationary load N In this case.. Axial load N Equivalent Load N Maximum value of fluctuating load N Minimum value of fluctuating load N.. Rotating load N. Radial load N. Component load in the axial direction N.. Such a hypothetical load is called the equivalent load. In order to balance this component load Y2 and the radial load factor is X..

P2 may be calculated as follows: These axial loads can be calculated using the following equation: Axial load factor Assume that radial loads Fr1 and Fr2 are applied on bearings1 and 2 Fig Radial load factor Y: Axial load factor The values of X and Y are listed in the bearing tables If the axial load factors are Y In such cases..

Grease lubrication Empirical equation 2.

Bearing bore diameter mm n: Speed min—1. Static equivalent load N. The maximum permissible axial load for bearings of diameter series 3 that are continuously loaded and lubricated with grease or oil is shown in Fig. The static radial load passing through the bearing center is taken as the static equivalent load for radial bearings In such a case. Size Factor In addition.. Static equivalent load N The permissible static load factor fs is a safety factor that is applied to the basic static load rating.

Static equivalent load N.. The nonelastic deformation increases in area and depth as the load increases. The basic static load rating is defined as that static load which produces the following calculated contact stress at the center of the contact area between the rolling element subjected to the maximum stress and the raceway surface The maximum permissible axial load is limited by an abnormal temperature rise or heat seizure due to sliding friction between the end faces of the rollers and rib face The radial clearance should not be more than necessary.

Static radial load factor Yo: Basic static load rating N Conforming to the modification of the static load rating. The generally recommended values of f s are listed in Table 5. The basic static load rating Co is written C or for radial bearings and C oa for thrust bearings in the bearing tables.. Permissible axial load N..

In cases where the bearing speed is extremely slow. The values of X o and Y o for Equations 5. Obtain the radial load factor X. The basic static load rating C or of ball bearing is 17 N. The result will be as shown in Fig. Obtain the effective load center a for bearings 1and 2 from the bearing table.

The basic load rating C r of is 29 N. The dynamic equivalent load P of spherical roller bearings is given by: Example 2 Select a single-row deep groove ball bearing with a bore diameter of 50 mm and outside diameter under mm that satisfies the following conditions: The speed is min—1.

Since only a radial load is applied. Page A Page B The speed of rolling bearings is subject to certain limits. The limiting speeds in the tables are applicable to bearings of standard design and subjected to normal loads. It is recommended that NSK be consulted regarding high speed applications. When the required speed exceeds the limiting speed of the desired bearing. When speeds are more than 70 percent of the listed limiting speed. The limiting speed is the empirically obtained value for the maximum speed at which bearings can be continuously operated without failing from seizure or generation of excessive heat.

The maximum permissible speed may be corrected by multiplying the limiting speed found in the bearing tables by the correction factor shown in Table 6. Remarks For face-to-face arrangements DF type. The following spherical roller bearings satisfy the above size limitation refer to Page B 0.

The limiting speeds for oil lubrication listed in the bearing tables are for conventional oil bath lubrication. Some types of lubricants are not suitable for high speed.

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Refer to Table The limiting speeds for bearings lubricated by grease and oil are listed in the bearing tables. When bearings are operating. Example 6 Select a bearing for a speed reducer under the following conditions: Tapered Roller Brgs.

If all these conditions are considered. Values for the limiting speed are listed in the bearing tables. They include bore diameter d. A very large number of series are possible.

In these boundary dimension tables. The boundary dimensions and dimension series of radial bearings. It is necessary to know all of these dimensions when mounting a bearing on a shaft and in a housing.

Across the top of each bearing table 7. The relative cross-sectional dimensions of radial bearings except tapered roller bearings and thrust bearings for the various series classifications are shown in Figs. Bearing Series Symbols. The dimensions of snap ring grooves and locating snap ring for bearings of diameter series 8.

Cylindrical Roller Brgs. Spherical Roller Brgs. Bore Number Table 7. Double-Row Ball Brgs. Needle Roller Brgs. In the Dimension Series of Diameter Series 9. Classification2 is those specified by the ISO. For bearings with bore diameters larger than mm. T specified by ISO. Other series not conforming to this table are also specified by ISO. Dimension Series not classified conform to dimensions D. Remarks 2. They do not apply to chamfers on the front face.

Classification1is those specified by the old standard. Remarks 3. The chamfer dimensions listed are the minimum permissible dimensions specified by ISO. Refer to the bearing tables for Thrust Bearings. Spherical Thrust Roller Brgs.

Dimension Series The maximum permissible outside diameter of shaft and central washers and minimum permissible bore diameter of housing washers are omitted here. Refer to the bearings tables for Thrust Bearings. Dimension series For outside diameters of 24mm and less. For all others exceeding 78mm. For outside diameters of 78mm and less. A 50 For all others exceeding 47mm.

For 47mm and less. The dimensions of these snap ring grooves are not applicable to bearings of dimension series Remarks 1. The minimum permissible chamfer dimension rN on the snap-ring side of outer rings is 0. The boundary dimensions of commonly used bearings mostly conform to the organizational concept of ISO. They consist of basic numbers and supplementary symbols.

Due to a need for more detailed classification. For reference. Basic numbers. The contact angle symbols and other supplementary designations are shown in successive columns from left to right in Table 7.

Bearing numbers consist of a basic number and supplementary symbols. The basic number indicates the bearing series type and the width and diameter series as shown in Table 7. Remarks Numbers in in the column of width symbols are usually omitted from the bearing number. The American Bearing Manufacturers Association. Japanese Industrial Standards. Contact Angle. Se Only the shaft or housing or central washer is to be rotated. Variation in a single radial plane Vdmp Mean bore dia.

Class 5. Tolerances are specified for the following items: Class 4. Variation in a single radial plane Mean outside dia. Deviation Vdp Bore dia. The applicable accuracy classes for each bearing type and the correspondence of these classes are shown in Table 8. Variation Outer ring width. Class 6. The cylindrical bore diameter "no-go side" tolerance limit high specified in this table does not necessarily apply within a distance of 1. Tolerances for the width variation of the outer ring of Class 5.

ABMA Std Applicable only when a locating snap ring is not used. Applicable to ball bearings such as deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings.

The tolerances for outer ring width variation of bearings of Classes Normal and 6 are shown in Table 8. The outside diameter "no-go side" tolerances low specified in this table do not necessarily apply within a distance of 1.

Some of these tolerances conform to the NSK Standard. The bore diameter "no-go side" tolerances high specified in this table do not necessarily apply within a distance of 1. Remarks The effective width of an outer ring T2 is defined as the overall bearing width of an outer ring combined with a master inner ring with rollers.

Overall Bearing Width. Remarks The bore diameter "no-go side" tolerances high specified in this table do not necessarily apply within a distance of 1. The thickness variation of housing washers. Table 8. Class 6 Normal. Class 6 Class 5. Class 4 Class 5. Note Table 8. Class 4 over incl high 30 50 30 50 80 0 0 0 80 low high low Units: Remarks For bearings with nominal widths less than 2mm. P4 P5. Bore diameter variation in a single radial plane B: Class Normal tolerances are adequate in nearly all cases for satisfactory performance.

Nominal Bore Diameter d 1: Operating Conditions Units: P2 P5. For general applications. Remarks For a value exceeding mm. Fits are sometimes made without any interference for either the inner or outer ring. Nominal inner ring width mm 3 Interference Variation Caused by Temperature Difference between Bearing and Shaft or Housing The effective interference decreases due to the increasing bearing temperature during operation.

A split housing often deforms the bearing into an oval shape. The amount of this interference decrease varies depending on the Load Rotating Direction of load indeterminate due to variation of direction or unbalanced load A 82 Direction of Load Indeterminate A The fits of both the inner and outer rings should be tight in applications where the shaft is subjected to considerable vibration.

Excessive interference may damage the bearings. Apparent interference mm d: Bearing nominal bore diameter mm According to Equations 9. Fitting 1 Pages A and This slipping of the inner ring. Bearing nominal bore diameter mm In addition. In the case of unusual operating conditions. The recommended fits for some common applications are shown in Table 9. It is important to prevent creep by having sufficient interference to firmly secure that ring which rotates to either the shaft or housing..

For the accuracy and surface finish of shafts and housings. The pressure between fitted surfaces. If the housing is thin or the bearing is mounted on a hollow shaft. Creep cannot always be eliminated using only axial tightening through the bearing ring faces. Effective interference mm Fr: Radial load applied on bearing N. When creep occurs.. Abnormal heating and vibration may also occur due to abrasive metallic particles entering the interior of the bearing.

Interference decrease of inner ring mm d: Bearing bore diameter mm B: Nominal inner ring width mm Fr: Medium and Large Motors. More than CN bearing internal clearance is necessary.

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For housings made of light alloys. Possible Axial displacement of outer ring is necessary. Note 1 Cr represents the basic load rating of the bearing. Precision Machinery. Tapered Brgs Roller Brgs Table 9. Machine Tools General Bearing Applications.

Easily Possible H6 — Remarks This table is applicable to cast iron and steel housings. Remarks This table is applicable only to solid steel shafts. Transport Vehicles. When high accuracy is required. Construction Equipment. Table 9. In case of large bearings. Industrial Vehicles.

Normal Loads Turbines. Traction Motors. Class 0 does not exist. The outer ring is fixed axially. Used on freeend The outer ring can be displaced axially.

Note 1 For bearings with D greater than The inner ring can be displaced axially. The standard clearance is MC3. To obtain accurate measurements. Remarks For the C2 clearance class. The radial and axial clearances are defined as the total amount that one ring can be displaced relative to the other in the radial and axial directions respectively Fig.

In Table 9. To obtain the measured value. Clearance 0 5 3 8 5 10 8 13 13 20 20 28 Remarks 1. Usually the clearance before mounting is the one specified as the theoretical internal clearance. J7 or K6. J7 65 80 30 50 30 45 80 35 60 35 55 35 65 35 60 18 30 24 38 40 70 40 65 The radial clearance increase caused by the measuring load is equal to the correction amount for CN clearance in the remarks under Table 9.

Notes 2 CC denotes normal clearance for non-Interchangeable cylindrical roller bearings and solid-type needle roller bearings. JS7 J6. H7 or JS6. Contact angle e: Constant Listed in bearing tables A 92 A When impact loads and vibration are severe or when both the inner and outer rings are tightfitted. When both the inner and outer rings are loosefitted Examples Internal Clearance Semi-floating rear wheels of automobiles C5 or equivalent Dryers in paper making machines C3.

Fits When two cylindrical roller bearings with a rib on one side are used facing each other Since housings generally conduct heat better than shafts. If the shaft is heated or the housing is cooled. Refer to Table 9. Coefficient of linear expansion of bearing steelH The clearance becomes progressively smaller from C2 to C1 and larger from C3 to C CC1 A C4 Fluid couplings C4 Final reduction gears for tractors C4 Rolling mill roll necks When noise and vibration Small motors with restrictions are severe special specifications When clearance is adjusted after mounting to prevent shaft deflection..

CM CC The radial clearances used in some specific applications are given in Table9. Theoretical internal clearance Geometrical clearance Main shafts of lathes C2 or equivalent C When steam passes through hollow shafts or roller shafts are heated.. Under special operating conditions Pages A to A When single-row angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are used facing each other The changes in radial clearance in a roller bearing are shown in Fig.

The amount of this decrease can be calculated using the following equations: The radial clearance decreases due to the thermal expansion caused by the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings.

As a measure to reduce bearing noise for electric motors.. The decrease varies according to the bearing type and size and design of the shaft and housing.. Their position.. Even if the relative position of the bearings changes during operation. Main shafts of machine tools. Displacement of Bearing B Fig. With this condition. Refer to Fig. The deflection curve of the spring is nearly parallel to the horizontal axis because the rigidity of springs is lower than that of the bearing.

In practice. Axial Load Rolling bearings usually retain some internal clearance while in operation.. As a result. Thrust ball bearings and spherical thrust roller bearings mounted on a horizontal shaft In the case of a constant-pressure preload. Axial load applied from outside Fa A: Axial load imposed on Bearing A FaB: The position preload and constant-pressure preload may be compared as follows: High speed or high acceleration applications of angular contact ball bearings.

A 96 Axial Load A comparison of the rigidity using both preloading methods is shown in Fig. In some cases. Fa Fa0 Fig.. A preload is usually applied to bearings in which the clearance can be adjusted during mounting. A preload diagram showing bearing rigidity. From the foregoing explanation.

The minimum axial load Fa min necessary to prevent such sliding is obtained from the following equation: As a general rule. The larger of the two values obtained from Equations Limiting speed oil lubrication min—1 Units: N Bearing No. The recommended fitting between the shaft and inner ring and between the housing and outer ring are listed in Table In such a case In the case of fits with housings.. The amount of the preload should be carefully determined considering the operating conditions and the purpose of the preload..

When the balls in thrust ball bearings rotate at relatively high speeds.. Minimum axial load N.. Speed min—1 C 0 a: Basic static load rating N. Remarks In cases that the outer ring is mounted in the housing bore with interference or that a thin crosssection bearing is mounted on a shaft and housing.

Spherical Roller Bearings 0. Tapered Roller Bearings. Fillet Radius. Cylindrical Roller Bearings. In the case of split housings. The fillet radius of the corner is also applicable to thrust bearings.

The values of h and ra in Table The accuracy and surface finish of shafts and housings are listed in Table For example.

The fillets of the shaft and housing should not come in contact with the bearing chamfer. When heavy axial loads are applied.

The shoulder diameter is listed instead of shoulder height in the bearing tables. Cage fracture and seizure sometimes occur for this same reason. The recommended minimum shoulder heights for metric series radial bearings are listed in Table Regarding the figures of I T. Self-Aligning Ball Bearings. In cases where two or more bearings are mounted in one single-piece housing. For normal operating conditions. Housings should be rigid in order to provide firm bearing support. Sufficient shoulder height is particularly important for supporting the side ribs of tapered roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings subjected to high axial loads.

High rigidity housings are advantageous also from he standpoint of noise. Fillet Radius of Fig. A Units: The type shown in Fig. Centrifugal force may also assist in preventing internal contamination and leakage of the lubricant. Satisfactory sealing can usually be obtained with such seals because of their close running clearance. It is necessary to select a suitable seal for each application considering the lubricating method.

In the case of sealing methods using grooves only. These diameters da and Da are listed in the bearing tables. The entry of dust is impeded by packing grease with a consistency of about into the grooves.

Sealing mechanisms with flingers inside the housing as shown in Fig. Dust and moisture are prevented from entering by the centrifugal force of flingers shown in Figs Since the use of oil grooves alone is not completely effective. The smaller the gap between the shaft and housing. They should also be easy to assemble and disassemble.

They are particularly suitable for preventing oil leakage from the shaft at high speeds. For thrust roller bearings. To insure the longest possible life of a bearing. The recommended groove width is approximately 3 to 5mm.

In the case of thrust ball bearings. The seals must be free from excessive running friction and the probability of seizure. The recommended gaps are given in Table The maximum allowable operating temperature for each material increases in this same order. The permissible circumferential speed for oil seals varies depending on the type. Synthetic rubber oil seals may cause trouble such as overheating.

A comparison of grease and oil lubrication is given in Table Sufficient grease must be packed inside the bearing including the cage guide face. Seal lip materials are usually synthetic rubber including nitrile.For this fixed-end bearing.

Fractured cage. This type is recommended when the alignment of the shaft and housing is difficult and when the shaft may bend. When both the inner and outer rings are loosefitted Examples Internal Clearance Semi-floating rear wheels of automobiles C5 or equivalent Dryers in paper making machines C3. As a general rule. By expanding on the knowledge gained from the prototype demonstration, NSK will now seek to commercialise specific components, including the wheel hub unit bearing with integrated speed reducer, and a one-way clutch unit.

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