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Release Notes

Add test vectors for Kuznyechik. Fix crash on bit machines when creating a volume that uses Streebog as PRF. Fix false positive detection of Evil-Maid attacks in some cases e. Fix wrong password error in the process of copying hidden OS. EFI bootloader: Fix various leaks and erase keyboard buffer after password is typed.

Release Notes

Use libzip library for handling zip Rescue Disk file instead of vulnerable XUnzip library. Support EFI system encryption for bit Windows.

Perform shutdown instead of reboot during Pre-Test of EFI system encryption to detect incompatible motherboards. Minor GUI and translations fixes.

Windows: Support EFI Windows system encryption limitations: no hidden os, no boot custom message Enhanced protection against dll hijacking attacks. Correctly remove driver file veracrypt.

When no drive letter specified, choose A: or B: only when no other free drive letter is available. Reduce CPU usage caused by the option to disable use of disconnected network drives. Add option and command line switch to hide waiting dialog when performing operations. Allow files drag-n-drop when VeraCrypt is running as elevated process.

Linux: Fix mount issue on Fedora Fix mount failure when compiling source code using gcc 5. Add support for creating exFAT volumes. Add GUI indicator for the amount of randomness gathered using mouse movement.

Implement PIM caching, for both system encryption and normal volumes.

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Add option to activate it. Workaround to avoid false positive detection by some anti-virus software. Hide disconnected network drives in the list of available drives.

Add option to make them available for mounting. Solve issue that caused in some cases configuration and history XML files to be updated even when not needed. Fix leak of path of selected keyfiles in RAM. Fix issue creating volumes using command line with a filesystem other than FAT. Fix failure to restore volume header from an external file in some configurations. Add option to restore the old behavior. Fix regression in mounting of favorite volumes at user logon.

Fix display of some Unicode languages e. Chinese in formatting wizard. Allow Application key to open context menu on drive letters list Support specifying volumes size in TB in the GUI command line already supports this 1.

Solve option "Cache password in drive memory" always disabled even if checked in preferences. Solve UI language change not taken into account for new install unless a preference is changed. Implement creating file containers using command line. Support setting volume label in Explorer through mount option or favorite label value. Always copy both bit and bit executable binaries during install and in Traveler Disk Setup.

Traveler Disk will again use bit exe by default while also offering bit exe.

On Windows bit, bit exe files are now available e. Don't offer creating a restore point if it is disabled in Windows. Minors fixes in the installer, GUI and driver. See documentation for more information. Windows: Detect Boot Loader tampering "Evil Maid" attacks for system encryption and propose recovery options.

Fix buffer overrun issue and other memory related bugs when parsing language XML files.

Fix privacy issue caused by configuration and history files being updated whenever VeraCrypt is used reported by Liran Elharar Fix system favorites not always mounting after cold start. Solve installer error when updating VeraCrypt on Windows Include bit exe files in the installer and deploy them on bit machines for better performances. Allow using drive letters A: and B: for mounting volumes Make command line argument parsing more strict and robust e.

Add manual selection of partition when resuming in-place encryption. Look at the other words, you know, we have a fence or a security barrier. In fact, I think that real figures and real words, I think Mahmoud Abbas is negotiating, if he is negotiating, for about At the time of the Gaza siege, indeed at the time of the Turkish convoy, siege breaker, flotilla, call it what you like.

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What was very interesting was that you know, there was a very good precedent for what we might have done over Gaza in a different place and in a different time. It involved a people who were surrounded and starving, they were surrounded by a fence and a very brutal army and we Americans and British, our servicemen risked their lives and sometimes died to save those people, whom only 3 years earlier we had been fighting. We saw them as terrorists 3 years earlier, but we dropped supplies to them, we flew into their enclave, their ghetto, to feed them and protect them from the brutal army around them and it was called the Berlin Airlift and yet not once have I ever seen a report on television, radio, not even on Al Jazeera and I dared them to try it — mention that there was a parallel.

We all know the reasons, we all know the reasons why not. My belief is that militarily, not in any other way, but militarily, we must leave the Muslim world. It is not our land, they are not our people, we do not own that land. When I was in Jerusalem August of , and a bomb went off, suicide bomber, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in the Sbarro Pizzeria — killed 16 Israelis, more than half of them children — I did not give half my story to the Islamic Jihad spokesman because I think it is the duty of a foreign correspondent to be neutral and unbiased on the side of those who suffer, and whoever they may be….

Because of listeners like you, this show is distributed for free to radio stations in the US, Canada and South Africa.

To find out how to support us, download shows or get our podcasts, go to radioproject. Empires historically must project power in order to survive and the only way in which empires can project power is by threatening states outside the empire or by going in and invading them. Journalists are part of the projection of power. I actually was with the Israelis several times in Lebanon.

They retreated too.

So the Fisk curse affects all armies, you see. We called the Oslo agreement that. But there you go. And suddenly, you start reporting. Collateral damage, another word, right, which has seeped in. We mean, civilians we killed as opposed to innocent civilians who are ruthlessly murdered by our enemies. Hollywood comes into it, television movies, and so we can become part of the war.

Robert Fisk: The Terror of Power and the Power of Terror

When I say that to journalists, they hate it because they want to call them uniforms you see. If you saw what I saw, if you had anybody here who believed it was right to go to war and saw what I see, you would never think that again. You know, dead bodies of civilians in bits. Dogs coming in to feed off of them. What are we doing in Iraq?

Somebody in Washington says we can change the world, we can go to Baghdad, our armies can travel across [Somarra?

The journalists will do it. This is not Bob standing up like a light in the darkness. I had a very sobering experience during the Hezbollah Israel war. And of course we were under sporadic Israeli air attack because they were obviously attacking all of the terrorist cars on the road including our terrorist car if they could.

I was reporting for the Independent in London and my words were being used exactly as I wrote them, and I am very fortunate. But what was particularly harrowing in a way for me was, in the afternoons when we were coming back, you see the time between Beirut and the East Coast of America is seven hours, so on the way back at about 4pm Beirut time, my American colleague, good friend of mine, fluent Arabist, has been a friend since when I first met him when I went to Lebanon, would be in the back of the car calling his news desk in the United States and the conversation truly went like this: And it went on every day like this.

And of course the desk would be arguing, well, you know, you have one side of the story there was another side. I know you saw this but the Israelis denied it. Had a wonderful scene years and years ago, in , when an AP reporter and photographer went from Beirut to Sidon, Sidon was then under Israeli occupation, the Israeli army had already withdrawn from Beirut, and they witnessed a crowd of protesting Palestinian women outside or on the edge of the Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp and an Israeli soldier stepped forward and aimed at a rather large Palestinian woman and shot her in the stomach.

And she died. On the road. And the reporter and the photographer, Paolo was the photographer, came back to Beirut and sent their story. How many people here remember the TelEx machine?

Anyway, up came the automatic TelEx back. But you see, it was so clear cut that there must be another side. In the end, the Israelis denied the story in paragraph two and it fell off the lead. Of course it did. It was a suspect story, it was a bit controversial. One of the things I do because doing my job you become a weapons expert. An ambulance was attacked with a missile in just behind me.

Three children, two women dead. And a UN Swedish intelligence officer and myself got all the bits of the plates of the missile from the bodies in some cases, and got them all to the United States, complete with fins, engine code, and the lot, in bits of course, it had exploded, and took it to the Boeing manufacturer.

And we had the developer of the missile at the table — they thought they were going to use me to advertise this wonderful missile, one of them said that it can be fired from three miles away and go through a baseball hoop, which means the ambulance had no chance, you see.

Robert Fisk

And the first thing they wanted to know is, is this about a legal action? What was particularly interesting about this missile, in case you think the story is innocent — or easy, easy I meant — is that my assumption that it had been sold to the Israelis. And I rushed back to Washington — great for frequent flyer points, you know — and I went to see the Marine Corps officers just outside of Washington. It had been taken to Saudi Arabia to be used against Iraqi forces in Kuwait in It had not been used.

So this missile started off in Duluth, Georgia, went to the US Marine Corps, was taken to Saudi Arabia, up to Kuwait, back to Saudi Arabia, on to Haifa, and was fired at the ambulance behind me, 10 years after it was made.When Fisk is recaptured, Vanessa is taken out of the country by Wilson's men. Said he would make no such agreement. And suddenly, you start reporting. Include bit exe files in the installer and deploy them on bit machines for better performances. In , Fisk expressed personal doubts about the official historical record of the attacks.

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