To receive your free eBook of Sam Carpenter's book, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less, go back to the Home page . Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less is in its third edition, has helped tens of thousands of business owners and. In Work the System Summary, Sam Carpenter introduces readers to a completely new vision of the way a company functions. It's mechanical.

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This Work The System summary shows you how systems make the If you want to save this summary for later, download the free PDF and. Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less ( Revised 3rd Edition, ) [Sam Carpenter] on *FREE* shipping on. Part of this work has been adapted from an article originally published under the title “Whole Earth. Models and Systems” in Coevolution Quarterly (Summer.

He further states that a checklist is a good tool that can help your team work together and better, to achieve better results.

In the case of your business where the human mistake is inevitable, the checklist comes highly recommended. There has to be uniform approach on how things and systems are run.

Wickman further presses that the EOS system helps to have a clear view of your business and its components. The Company was founded by Robert Schechter in Being a successful company with a great reputation, it decided to bring in relatives.

At this time the systems in place were already chaotic and needed restructuring. However things became better when they decided to draw up a clear vision, set the right structure up, get the right people on board, as well as streamline the processes.

Gino teaches that doing this gives you the ability to narrow your focus so you can deal and dwell extensively with each component. Link to the Traction book on site 7. Get Your Business to Work!

He therefore teaches things to do, and what to avoid when it comes to building a successful business that is automated. He teaches simple business blueprints based on his own experience with his construction business.

The 7 lesson he teaches are; Building an On-purpose on-target business. Building a systemized and organized business Building financial pricing and profit systems Building operational systems Building Customer marketing and sales systems Building people and leadership systems Building equity and wealth systems He urges the systems discussed to be built into the business plan of your company. This is irrespective of whether you are a rookie or an existing business owner.

He further drives home the need for you to have an organized system through the story of Karen who owns a successful marketing and public relations company. Her business grew to the level where she needed an office manager.

She was however torn between hiring an experienced manager and an inexperienced but enthusiastic one; whom she figured could be trained. George advices you on the need to hire the experienced ones whose input will help free up your time so that you can focus on those things that give you the biggest returns. You can be rest assured it would do you a world of good. The points and principles taught in these books can never be over emphasized, as these authors highly recommend that creating systems for each aspect of your business must not be only be for you, but also urge that the principles be passed and taught to your employees to execute.

7 Books to Read If You Want a Systematized Business That Runs Without You Successfully!

These systems at their rudimentary level are made up of processes which in turn are made up of procedures which document step by step how repetitive tasks get done. So if you want to reap all the dividends that come with business systematization, then you must start systematizing your business which means you must start documenting procedures for your business.

Sam Carpenter is the CEO of Centratel, a large telephone answering service, and the president of few other smaller organizations: Some of these systems are simple; some are utterly complex. Because, one way or another, both are manageable.

Each of these organs is, in turn, a collection of tissues. And tissues are cellular organizations. Cells may be the building blocks of life, but they themselves are a system of atoms. Atoms, too, are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

We can move to quantum level or talk about the universe and the whole history of time , but you probably got the drill by now! Now, due to the enormous amounts of time evolution, the blind watchmaker , had to organize everything around, it did a hell of a good job! And many things, including you, now work like a clockwork. But, so do some Western societies — and these were created by men!

News flash: The reason why they work better than your life is because hosts of people have organized them better.

Or, as Carpenter says: And there are few reasons why your body, the American justice system, or the Israeli start-up community , is better organized than your workweek! First of all, they are aware of their complexity, and they are subdivided into many subsystems. By documenting its strategic objectives, general operating principles, and, finally, its working procedures.

Work the System Summary

Once this is done and people start following them, we come to a full circle regarding the original system. Sure, there are some exceptions , but just think how worse life would have been in the absence of proper documentation detailing the stages of a process!

We need guidelines! Finally — or, better yet, primarily — think of your strategic objectives. These are the most important.

They are the story, the tradition around which your company is built. Everything Is Mechanical and Fixable 2. Work the System: Document Everything 3.

The same is true for your company, your life, and, at least for the time being, your body. The good thing about systems? Namely, if you understand their structure, you can control them.

Or even reimagine them.

Who Should Read “Work the System”? And Why?

Work the System: Document Everything So, do that! First, work out — and then work the systems of your company, your life, everything else. Just like hackers do, first, find the holes in the original structure.

Then, fix them and find out how you can use them to your benefit.

About Sam Carpenter

Finally, write the procedure for the others. The winning formula: record-scrutinize-maintain. So, Carpenter has few precautionary and corrective considerations.

Thirdly, systems are great trainers. Finally, expect mistakes and failures. No system can ever help you overcome all of them. Just like no system will ever help you make the right decision when some significant change occurs.Work the System: So, Carpenter has few precautionary and corrective considerations.

Accept Reject Read More. Some special categories like cyber security or ISO certifications also require managed and auditable access control. No system can ever help you overcome all of them.

Now, due to the enormous amounts of time evolution, the blind watchmaker , had to organize everything around, it did a hell of a good job! Work the System: Document Everything 3. Sam advises you to make your business systems visible to your employees, examine them, adjust them, document them, and then maintain them.

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