SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization is a four day course that Events, optimize queries, examine memory management and process. Microsoft SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization. Author: Benjamin . Electronic content features two practice exams, worksheets, and a PDF eBook. Download PDF Microsoft SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization, PDF Download Microsoft SQL Server Query Tuning.

Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Query Tuning & Optimization Pdf

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[DOWNLOAD] PDF Microsoft SQL Server Query Tuning Optimization by Benjamin Nevarez [DOWNLOAD] PDF Microsoft SQL Server. microsoft sql server pdf. SQL Server Licensing Datasheet. Product Overview. SQL Server delivers mission critical performance. 2/ Query Optimization Techniques in Microsoft SQL Server. Costel Gabriel Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system, having MS-SQL and. Transact-SQL as primary . We recommend using Index Tuning.

Therefore, primary keys and unique fields have the best selectivity coefficient. This is why by default for primary keys the clustered index is created.

Tutorial: Performance tuning SQL Server via queries, indexes and more

But how to find out which column has the best coefficient? In order to get the next index column we need to run same scripts including the first column.

As a result of this query we can form the index [Type], [State], [expiration date]. But this method only works when we have known constants used in query execution.

In other case, selectivity of the column can be quickly evaluated by the purpose of the column, i. For example, selectivity of the field Age will be higher than that of the field Sex.


Apart from the purpose of the column, we can find out selectivity by using statistics on the column. When not to use indexes Apart from knowing the importance of a column order inside the index, it is also important to know when indexes will not work, in other words, when even if some indexes are introduced, the whole table is scanned anyway.

Indexes are not used when: Function or operation is applied to a column.

But it is necessary to set a condition that would produce the smallest amount of results. Optimal order of joining tables The order of joining tables requires similar approach to selectivity coefficient index. It is best to join tables starting with the one that will produce the least amount of results after filtering.

But there is a way to make it follow the predesigned order. Hints for a query optimizer Although query optimizer is fairly independent when it comes to making decisions, there is still a way to control it. We can use query hints to introduce changes in the execution plan. It even works in the cloud. It shows queries from longest-running to shortest, and gives you their execution plans.

Watch Brent tune queries. Indexing resources — our favorite blog posts and videos about tuning indexes. We pick the best beginner, advanced, and performance tuning books.

Table partitioning — this feature seems like a great way to split up big tables, but it comes with some big gotchas. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Afsheen Follow.

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In other words, how much records, as compared to the general amount, are selected with condition that uses analyzed column. Productive indexes Just having indexes does not mean that they speed up your query.

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Moreover, when creating composite index, the order of columns is very important. Submit Search.

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