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The translation into English of Olivier Messiaen's The Technique of My Musical Language has been prompted by several factors. M. Messiaen's growth in the. Messiaen Technique of my Musical - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. olivier messiaen: technique of my musical - Download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. olivier messiaen: technique of my musical.

Why we and all animals have ears—Darwin and natural selection. What is reality, anyway?

What other animals have music? Reading: Chapter 1 and 2 up to section 2. Fourier analysis: Comparison of FFT, waterfall display , and spectrogram. Convolution theorem. Some initial musical examples from Africa, Cuba, Bulgaria, India.

Demo: What does a "random" rhythm sound like? Where is one?

Or is there a one? Perhaps this is our Western approach that assumes there is a "one. As Peter Hill and Nigel Simeone report in their biography of the composer, the accommodations were fairly spartan, with one communal bathroom on each floor of the building.

The main living quarters were decorated in devout Catholic style, plastic crucifixes all around. The conductor Kent Nagano, who collaborated closely with Messiaen in his last years, was once pressed to tell some unflattering or otherwise revealing anecdote about his mentor, and all he had to offer was a story about how Messiaen and Loriod had once devoured an entire pear tart at one sitting. God spoke to Messiaen through sounding tones, whether the mighty roar of the orchestra or the church organ, the clattering of exotic percussion, or the songs of birds.

The Lord could manifest Himself in consonance and dissonance alike, though consonance was His true realm. Mahler placed a chord very much like this one at the roaring climaxes of his unfinished Tenth Symphony.

Mode 2, made up of alternating semitones and whole tones, is the octatonic scale, on which Stravinsky built the Rite.

Technique of my Musical Language (English)

Mode 3, in which one whole tone alternates with two semitones, slightly resembles the scale commonly associated with the blues. Mode 6 happens to be the same as the slithering clarinet scale that begins Salome.

What they have in common is that they are symmetrical in shape, dividing neatly along the fault line of the tritone. But they do not—indeed, cannot—produce standard chord progressions of the kind that are found in hymnals.

Messiaen Technique of my Musical Language.pdf

Instead, the harmony skids from one triad to another, following the sinuous contours of the modes. Schoenberg, too, considered his harmonies emblems of the sacred; the wordless six-note chords in Moses und Aron, mimicking the voice of the burning bush, tremble with divine force.

The difference between Schoenberg and Messiaen is ultimately theological. Schoenberg believed that God was unrepresentable, that His presence could be indicated only by placing a taboo on the familiar.

Messiaen felt that God was present everywhere and in all sound. Messiaen rejected the stereo type of French music as a poised, graceful, self-limiting art.

From an early age, he favored the lavish, the opulent, the unashamedly grand. While Messiaen took on a markedly more aggressive, even at times abrasive voice in the Quartet for the End of Time, he did not lose his flair for the simple, astounding gesture. The second comes from the organ piece Diptyque.It works over 7b5 too, but watch out for altered ninths, and at a push even over 7 11, aka "Lydian Dominant" type chords.

Understanding temperaments, Version 1. This last way to look at it is very appealing to me from a practical improvisation perspective. Or that it's "one Neapolitan at the root and another at the b5".

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Bach and others. A mathematical approach reconstituting J. The technique of my musical language — La technique de mon langage musical.

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